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CSearcher 133.1122 Crack Full Product Key [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

CSearcher For Windows 10 Crack is an advanced file search tool that saves you some time using a non-indexing approach. Once you run CSearcher, it will scan your entire storage space for any unknown file, giving you a multiline table with the results. You can filter the table and either select a single or multiple criteria to narrow down the search results. There are over 150 different search options to use, and they can be saved and loaded when needed.
CSearcher will keep track of the most recently used search criteria and run with them when you open CSearcher. The advanced search is unique, and you will never get the same results as another CSearcher user.
This application requires a trial period, as it has been compiled in the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

Review by David S (boston.gov)

Version: 3.x

Review Date: 19/Jul/2018

Ease of Use:


Product Quality:

Value for Money:

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CSearcher 133.1122

CScanner is the tool that allows you to scan the system for sensitive files, restrict access and protect sensitive data. It allows you to mask the view of directories, unload entries from system registry, remove/add hotlinks to a drive, create, edit and remove.htaccess files. Additionally, you can use CScanner as a rich file integrity checker. CScanner has a neat and clean interface and is easy to use.
Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT 4, 2000 and Vista.
Version 1.6 (2/10/2009).

CScanner Description:

A free version of CScanner.

CScanner is a powerful detection and measurement tool for your system. CScanner is used to identify any kind of infections and modify and control their behavior. It will protect your system from Malware, keylogger, trojans, spyware etc.
CScanner was used by thousands of users with average one-day uptime.

CScanner operates as a stand-alone application with no other process that it could create and modify data.
CScanner can detect and measure almost any kind of infections, including Worms, Adware, Spyware, Trojan Horse.
CScanner will protect your system from Malware, keylogger, trojans, spyware etc.
CScanner provides a convenient interface to control each infection and modify its behavior.
As a proof-of-concept, CScanner will be able to scan a Virus, Trojan, Worm, Keylogger, Spyware, etc.
CScanner enables the use of various attacks and options for all types of malicious software such as worm, keylogger, trojan, spyware.
CScanner is a complete and comprehensive instrument that will be able to find and remove any malware from your system.
CScanner provides an effective and a free way to clean your PC.
CScanner is a fully-functional, free anti-malware tool that can scan any form of infections and other malicious software.
CScanner is the fastest and very powerful tool to protect your computer.
Unlike other anti-malware programs, CScanner uses an integrated scanning engine and can perform multiple scan types in one installation.
CScanner has no limitations for how many programs, users, computers or any data to scan.

CScanner Highlights:

CSearcher 133.1122 Crack + Free Download (April-2022)

— Multiple search criteria
— Name and location filtering
— Date and time filtering
— Size restrictions
— MD5 filtering
— Extension/Content filtering
— Create a log or exclude files based on specific content

Check This System Requirements:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 10
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2012

file search is a common and daily action for any computer user, and both Windows Explorer and the Start Menu or the Start screen have integrated file search functionality. Nevertheless, if your storage space is large, searching directly in an explorer window might take some time, as the only filters are the file name and its type. CSearcher is one of the alternatives you can go to if you need a simple finder.
Multiple search criteria
Focusing on speed, CSearcher is a non-indexing application that can help you look for any file on your computer based on several criteria, not just a file’s name and type. In fact, it enables you to configure exact search and exclusion patterns to get the most accurate results and quickly find the file you are looking for.
Name and location filtering is also possible, and there are dedicated fields you have to fill in. Additionally, CSearcher can be configured to also reveal hidden files and folders. For your convenience, you can filter all the duplicate files, either by name or by the MD5 conference.
Broad range of search criteria and options
Aside from the aformentioned criteria, CSearcher can also take into account the date and the time a file was created, last modified or accessed. Moreover, there are size restrictions that allow you to look for files either smaller or larger than a specific size.
Not only that you can filter the search with the criteria mentioned before, but you can also add file content restrictions to log or exclude files that include a specific string.
Once you hit the’start’ button, CSearcher displays all the matches within its main window, in a table that includes the original location, the last modification date, the size and the extension. Both the search criteria and the extensions can be saved and loaded anytime needed.
Filter the search results to quickly find a file
With CSearcher, files undergo a selection process that narrows down the search results. CSearcher gives users an advanced file searching tool alternative that features numerous criteria to use. Furthermore, since there is no need for indexing, geting the results should not take too long.

What’s New In CSearcher?

CSearcher Features:

Main Window:

File Contents:

File Date and Time:

Search Criteria:

Duplicate File Detection:

Search Options:

Content Restrictions:


Version History:



The Windows 7 version of the free app Filename Unstoppable is a full-featured file searcher with more than 20 advanced search filters. Filename Unstoppable also searches the recycle bin.

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