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With the Internet growing ever-larger each day, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of all your favorite items. This is also the case of all programs and video games installed on your computer. However, you can organize all your collections a lot better with applications like Pinner.
Advantages of a portable app
Requiring no installation, the application is ready to run from the moment download is finished. It can even be moved around on a thumb drive, which is especially useful for carrying favorite URLs with you. Just make sure that .NET Framework is installed on the computer you want to run it on, because it’s a required component for proper functionality.
The application keeps all of your items in databases. You need to create one before going through any other feature, with the file saved at a custom location. This adds to flexibility, allowing you to create multiple databases, and only open the one you need.
Add files, folders, and URLs
Adding an item to the list takes only a little while. A compact window is brought up, so you can write down the path to a file, or URL, name you wish to see in the list, as well as an optional field for the program to open the target file. In addition, you can add an entire folder to be launched this way.
A built-in search function makes it easy to find items of interest. Moreover, you can filter according to content, either by choosing to display a list with items in a particular order, or show only items of a specific type. What's more, associating a pin with a hotkey of your choice is also possible and should improve your workflow.
Interacting with a list item brings up the target folder, URL in the default browser, or file in the configured, or default viewer. Last but not least, a hotkey can be assigned by combining special buttons with others on your keyboard in order to quickly hide, and show the main window. It's configured from the options menu, with the program hiding to the tray area to not take up any desktop, or taskbar space, unless you need to access links, or change them.
A few last words
Bottom line is that it can get difficult to find files and folders in a crowded work environment, but using Pinner, you can simply open up a database and launch the item of interest. Adding a link only takes a little while, and accommodation is nothing to worry about.



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Pinner is a unique browser for your mobile device. It allows you to quickly find files, folders, or even URLs on your mobile device by launching the file or folder on the desktop. Just double tap the item on your mobile device to launch it. Once open, Pinner can also show the target window.Measurement of perfusion and metabolism in small tumours.
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Place comments anywhere within an audio file to give instant feedback to the users
KeyMacro is a freeware music transcoder that allows you to add comments to audio files of any format, and place them anywhere in the file. This way, you can easily point out specific music pieces, lyrics, references, or any other useful data. Besides that, you can even mark particular places in a song, so the users can jump directly to those particular points of interest.
Supported formats:
Best for:
Authoring your own music files
Drawing attention to certain parts of a song
Music or lyrics transcription
Web page creation

@bizjam Professional M3u Fixer Scraper — v2.0.0.0

M3u Fixer is a quick and easy M3u playlist generator. In just a few clicks, it will combine your several MP3 files into a M3u playlist.
M3u Fixer supports auto-rebuild based on the file list and preview function. You can also use it to rip and convert the track in M3u format to MP3, OGG or other formats.
1.Convert M3u files to MP3, OGG, MP4, ASF, WMA, etc.
2.Support Auto-rebuild when changed the file list.
3.Add the MP3 or other files to the M3u file.
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5.Save the settings as default.
6.Auto play a sound when you finish the conversion.
7.Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit system.
8.Fully compatible with Window 10 and Windows 8.1.
9.One click to close the software.

Apple Logic Scraper — v.1.0.0

Scrape Apple music, music videos and audio books from Apple Music, Apple Music videos, Apple Music books or iTunes U/Audio Books.
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M4A (unsupported by Apple Music)
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Pinner is a free Windows application that allows users to pin or bookmark links on the Windows desktop. When pinned or marked as a favorite, the links can be accessed by simply clicking on them, the Pinner icon next to them appearing on the Windows desktop. The application also includes a search function, where a user can specify the type of content they are searching for, e.g.’software’,’music’ etc.

The Magazine is a repository for various content relating to a software program or services of marketing and trade events. As a registered user you can read the latest news about the programs and services that are in demand, also find additional information about the programs such as descriptions, screenshots, registration options, reviews etc.

The TSS System File checker is a software tool that will scan and diagnose your computer for errors, as well as repair errors it finds. If your computer is running slow, or you experience frequent system freezes, crashes, slow downs or other similar problems, the TSS System File checker is likely to repair your PC.

Do you need an application to develop a website or work on a certain project without the need to open a web browser? If so, you will probably be interested in working with the WebStorm web development software, which is a standalone IDE for developing web applications.

Basic App Backup is a user-friendly program for backup and recovery of your applications. It gives you the opportunity to schedule a backup for your favorite programs, documents or system files. It has different scheduling options and lets you choose between different methods of file recovery: direct restore, auto-restore, direct recovery or schedule recovery. You can create any number of recovery/backup tasks in the same format and follow them easily.

You can easily perform a manual backup for Windows applications and files. You can also schedule the backup or you can do it at your own time. The program includes a detailed report, which shows you the status of the backup.

Defender Advanced Password Encryption is a premium software application for software developers that can create, protect and encrypt your software source code. The application uses a modular architecture to speed up the process of encrypting the source code of your software.

The Keeper Backup program creates backups of the programs and data on your hard disk, and thus provides you with the possibility to restore lost information. In addition to the program’s advanced backup functions, it provides backup scheduling, and is thus a comprehensive solution for software developers, network

What’s New In Pinner?

Pinner is a simple utility that allows you to search for files, folders, and Web addresses on your computer.
It provides a browser-like user interface and displays all the items you find. You can also associate an item with a shortcut, making it easy to launch it with a single keystroke. Additionally, it allows you to create and manage your own databases.
It is free, open-source software, written in Visual Basic.NET. It is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The only thing you need to run it is Windows.NET Framework 3.0 or later. The following languages are currently available: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
Pricing: Free.
Minimum system requirements: Windows.NET Framework 3.0 or later.
Interface language: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Se ha atascado

Se ha atascado

Recently changed in this version

Pinner now supports file, folder and web addresses on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
Added an option to open the item in the default app of the chosen media.
Moved the help file to the start menu.Boogie down, New Year’s Eve partyers!

The official countdown to New Year’s Eve is already under way, and while many of you are probably still nursing a hangover (and counting your coins to see how much that third pint cost), the Florida Legislature is already preparing to enact its version of NYE’s biggest party.

So, with your help, I’d like to invite you to join me in celebrating the first day of the 2010 legislative session.

According to our web logs, you helped sponsor and otherwise approve 6,811 bills last session (over a million by the end of the year), and since the start of this session, we’ve already approved over 1,000 of them.

Thank you for joining the cause, and for your dedication to the Florida Constitution and our country.

New Year, New Makeover

Tonight, we’re all getting a makeover. First, we’ll go to the House, where a bipartisan group of the Legislature’s most dedicated, progressive and constitutionalist members are going to get a new conference website up and running for the 2010 Legislature.

This includes a new website for the Office of the Attorney General, where I’ll be your new Attorney General.

The new AG’s site has a section in which you can comment on bills, as well as submit your own: just click «Submit a Comment» on the left side.

We’re also trying to get a new legal blog up and running. No matter how long it takes, we’ll keep the blog, and the comment section, up and running

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or later (other Windows operating systems, Mac OS 10.6 and later, or Linux (supporting the GL_ARB_explicit_attrib location qualifier to provide precision low-level geometry shader support))
Microsoft Windows 7 or later (other Windows operating systems, Mac OS 10.6 and later, or Linux (supporting the GL_ARB_explicit_attrib location qualifier to provide precision low-level geometry shader support)) GPU: A GPU that supports at least DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5
A GPU that supports at


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