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Taser Wiki is a general purpose, open source website, wiki management system written in PHP. Home
How Taser Wiki works
How to install Taser Wiki
How to use Taser Wiki
Getting started with Taser Wiki
Getting Started With Taser Wiki
Taser Wiki on GitHub
Source code for Taser Wiki
If you’d like to see if this new project is for you, you can get started by following the
Taser Wiki Getting Started links.
How do I install Taser Wiki?
In order to get started with Taser Wiki, you’ll need to first install the WordPress software. Install WordPress

How do I install WordPress?
After installing WordPress, you’ll need to get the Taser Wiki plugin
Install the Taser Wiki plugin:

How to get started with Taser Wiki?
Taser Wiki is powered by WordPress, so the first thing you need to do is log into your WordPress account and install the Taser Wiki plugin. It’s as easy as adding the plugin to your
How to use Taser Wiki?
After logging into your WordPress account, you’ll see a welcome page where you can pick a theme, start a new page or edit an existing one

How to install Taser Wiki?
If you’re looking for a ready-made wiki, Taser Wiki is already set up for you. Click the button below to install the Taser Wiki plugin. Click the Install button to get started. Then click the
How to get started with Taser Wiki?
You can get started with Taser Wiki in a couple of ways. You can login to your own WordPress account, or you can visit the Taser Wiki page at any time, click the

How to use Taser Wiki?
Taser Wiki is powered by WordPress. There’s a lot of information on the website here. Check out the quick start guide for some more help.
How to install Taser Wiki?
Taser Wiki is all about your content, so we’ve provided a quick help guide for you. To get started you’ll need to install the WordPress software, which you can

How do I install WordPress?
WordPress comes with a built-in blog for your site. You can add a


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