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Fun Fruit Theme Download [Mac/Win]

★ Funny and Colorful Desktop Wallpaper
★ Elegant Look
★ Great Features
★ Support a wide variety of OS (support Win 7 to Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1)
★ More than 100 Pages of Wallpapers
Fun Fruit Theme is a desktop theme for Windows
Fun Fruit Theme Screenshot:


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Fun Fruit Theme is a fantastic theme that provides you with a wide choice of stunning backgrounds and wallpapers. With more than 100 images, the number of backgrounds available for this theme is

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Powerful and elegant desktop theme for windows, inspired by space background.
Transform your computer to an interstellar encounter and showcase your most loved desktop themes, screensavers or wallpapers

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Desktop wallpapers, Themes and Screensavers are a combination of art and technology.
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Fun Fruit Theme Free Download [March-2022]

Fun Fruit Theme is the first wallpaper download center PC application using the characteristics of the Fun Fruit Theme theme. It can use the download file to customize your computer desktop background according to the theme. Theme has a design of fruit, ranging from a strawberry, a peach, an apple, a pear, a banana, and a watermelon. Besides, the theme features a unique integration of desktop themes with windows live links, displaying the window live links as fruits. So, whether you are a fan of nature or a food lover, Fun Fruit Theme is a must-have desktop tool. In addition, the application helps you to achieve a beautiful appearance of your Windows 7 and Vista system, presenting a colorful and exciting desktop wallpaper.
1. After installing the application, run the application and click the button «Add New Folder».
2. Click the button «Add Folder» and navigate to the folder containing the wallpapers you want to apply to the desktop.
3. Once the wallpapers are added to the folder, click the button «Apply to Desktop».
4. Click the button «Apply» and select the picture you want to apply to your desktop.
5. Enjoy and get creative.

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Fun Fruit Theme For Windows

Fun Fruit Theme is a set of wallpaper for the desktop that offers completely changeable backgrounds. You can change your desktop image in minutes! No need to open your photos, easy to change any image and graphics in any area.

Fun Fruit Theme Features:
* Prepare a large number of beautiful backgrounds for yourself!
* You can set your desktop image in different areas like: General, Icons, Windows and notifications.
* Diverse, attractive and friendly, Fun Fruit Theme is a dynamic wallpaper and is easily operated.
* Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
* Downloading is easy!
The images must be installed on the same folder as the software!

Guo Bo: I was born in HuaNan, Shanxi, China. I always like the concept of the decoration. At the age of 5, I would spend a lot of time in front of my computer to build the game castles.

Steam review:
If you like fun theme, this is the right one for you. Watch the video, if you have any problems please send me feedback and thank you.

I love this theme for my PC. I like the fun curve shape. Very nice theme.

I enjoy the simplicity and elegance of this theme. It’s fun to have a theme that fits the overall look and feel of my PC. I especially like the large circle icon for a volume control and the curvy file folder icon to represent documents.

I enjoy the large icons for some of my programs. I like the theme a lot. I love the effect of the tree.

I enjoy this theme for the simple, elegant look. I like the font and the eye-catching background. This is my favorite theme.

I enjoy the easy-to-use interface and the soothing look of this theme. I like the large icons and the clean design.

I enjoy the unique design of this theme. The trees and other elements are in a state of motion.

I enjoy the elegant, simple appearance of this theme. I like the calm and relaxing images that are displayed.

I enjoy the simplicity and elegance of this theme. I like the curved arrows in the preview image.

I enjoy the relaxing appearance of this theme. The graphics are very original and colorful. I have had some friends tell me that this theme is similar to the old Windows 7 theme.

I enjoy the atmosphere of this theme. The theme

What’s New In?

For those who love fruit and have computers and laptops, this theme will allow users to customize their computers and enjoy colorful desktop wallpapers.
Fun Fruit Theme Features:
* Highlights the main features of your computer: Hardware devices, such as motherboard, CD/DVD drive and CD-ROM drive, as well as software devices such as network, modem and modem database, display, and printer.
* Highlights the software installed on your computer, such as Windows and Microsoft Office.
* Shows you the status of your computer and allows you to change the color of your computer to match your mood.
* Provides a fun, tropical fruit theme.
* Includes a small, colorful, almost innocent desktop wallpaper to choose from.
* Provides a handy printable PDF file to quickly print your favorite desktop wallpaper.
1. Unzip the compressed file and run the exe file.
2. After the entire process is completed, move and change your desktop wallpaper to «fun-fruit-theme.jpg».


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What Else Does Rename Support USB Do?
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VideoLab Theming

VideoLab Theming Themes & Templates

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Processor: Dual-core processor
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: 128MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 60GB available space
Additional Notes:
Before installing the game, be sure to open your system requirements list. If you do not have one of the listed requirements, then you will not be able to install the game.
Pre-Order FAQ:
Q: How


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