Driver Mouse Rexus G7.epub

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Driver Mouse Rexus G7.epub

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Paperclip gem: path_prefix and path_whitelist both ignored

I have defined the following path_prefix to exclude a few paths
has_attached_file :photo, :styles => {:medium => «500×500»}

has_attached_file :doc, :styles => {:medium => «600×600»}

has_attached_file :pdf, :styles => {:thumb => «100×100»}

I also defined a path_whitelist:
Paperclip.options[:path_whitelist] = [
[«thumb», «pdf»],
[«doc», «docx»],
[«photo», «png», «jpg»]

But it doesn’t seem to work when using the plural or singular class methods:
# => false

# => false


These overrides only work on the options array at instance creation time.
has_attached_file :doc, path_whitelist: [:thumb, :pdf]

to save you from having to change options in every instance.


Android: Can I use the app name in a bundle identifier?

I see the following

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