Driver Fingerprint Solution P100 🤜🏿

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Driver Fingerprint Solution P100

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Fingerprint Driver for Windows 2000 2. Fingerprint driver for Windows 2000.Q:

Get Specific object from Collection in firestore

I want to get specific object from firestore database. when searching for some records the result will be a collection of objects. when there is exact record I want to get that.
.onSnapshot(querySnapshot =>{
querySnapshot.forEach(queryDocumentSnapshot =>{

, Driver Fingerprint Solution X100c
Driver Fingerprint Solution X105
, Driver Fingerprint Solution X100CQ:

Nested CSS / JS functions not working

I am currently learning Object Oriented Programming and while I’ve been able to create this simple program, I’ve been having some issues with it. Here’s my HTML:

JavaScript Test

What is your name?

Here is the CSS:
margin:0 auto;

And the JS:
var name = null;
var submit = document.querySelector(‘.submit’);
function getName(){
name = document.querySelector(‘.name’).value;
function getInput(){
return document.querySelector(‘.name’).value;

function printWelcome(){
alert(document.querySelector(‘.name’).value + » » + document.querySelector(‘.submit’).value);

How would I go about using this so I can have the form send its output to console?
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!


I think what


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