Pcp Disso V3 Software ✅

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Pcp Disso V3 Software ✅


Pcp Disso V3 Software

Handling of software – PCP Disso-V3, Minitab-17, Six Sigma (Black Belt), QbD and DOE including OFAT, RSM, CCD, BBD, Taguchi, Full factorial and Mixer.

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PCP Disso

PCP Disso software is used by phosphorous tungstates to increase the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs by various techniques like particle size reduction, compression, wet-granulation, and other techniques. The dissolution data obtained from granules by different methods, such as of compressing, wet-granulating, and mixing of tablet are then used in the in-silico calculation of solubility. The use of a prediction-based-tables yields more accurate predictions.

Statistical Analysis: [15]. The results from factorial design were evaluated using PCP Disso 2000 V3 software. Stepwise backward linear regression analysis was .

Handling of software – PCP Disso-V3, Minitab-17, Six Sigma (Black Belt), QbD and DOE including OFAT, RSM, CCD, BBD, Taguchi, Full factorial and Mixer.

Pcp Disso V3 Software · Harper Biochemistry 25th Edition Free Pdf · CGAxis Models Collection Volume 71 80 rar · [FULL] kisi kisi soal ulangan harian bahasa .

The percent drug release was calculated using PCP Disso v3 software. The dissolution data obtained were subjected to kinetic analysis using PCP Disso V2.08.

by DD Gadade · 2016 · Cited by 4 — The drug release kinetics were evaluated by the model-dependent (curve fitting) method using PCP Disso v3 software shows Batch-F4 shows to best fit with.

by KV Bhambar · 2019 — The cumulative percentage drug release was calculated using PCP Disso v3 software. Kinetics of in-vitro drug release. Page 3. Bhambar et al.

Software knowledge – PCP Disso V3, Graph Pad Software. Well acquainted with basics of computer, MS office, Google forms and internet. G


. Pcp disso V3 Software. By echh Jain 1, Poona College of Pharmacy,. Instate: Pune.

The Particle Disso-V3 (PCP) dissolution software, has been designed for the initial dissolution
testing of solid oral dosage forms. The software provides a tool for the quantification of
the dissolution profiles of the products based on comparison of the dissolution profile with
the dissolution profile of the reference drug product. Before this software can be used
there are certain features, namely.
1. A field where the input to be performed is
written, referred to as «add field».
2. A field where the result of the calculation is
written, referred to as «result field».
3. A field where the analysis of the input text and
the result of calculation is
possible, referred to as «field analysis».
Particle Disso-V3 is user friendly, easy to operate and convenient to use. With the PCP
dissolution software, selection of reference and test material is very easy. Although this
software has capability to read in text files, the user has no need to enter the text file
The basic usage of the PCP dissolution software is also very easy. Selection of the reference
and the test material in the add field, calculation of the drug dissolution in the release
field, and determination of the similarity and dissimilarity between the reference and
test dissolution profiles in the result field. The user can also choose whether the reference
and the test dissolution profiles are supposed to be similar or dissimilar. The file analysis
field is used to check the correctness of the entered numbers. The «remark» field can also
be used to record additional remarks about the tested product.
Apart from these basic facilities, there are additional features:
1. Conversion of model equations to model specific text file.
2. Savings of model equations to convenient file types.
3. Define the input text fields and fields where the results of the calculations are
4. Creation of sub-materials.
5. Exclusion from the calculation.
6. Output in pdf, txt, wps and excel format.
7. Plots of dissolution profiles and comparison of dissolution profiles.
8. Pal index
. The software has been installed on a Windows Vista computer. V.S. As a graphical user
interface. is



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