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Name Fruit Clicker
Publisher vanagaba
Format File
Rating 4.81 / 5 ( 661 votes )
Update (3 days ago)







— Play as a Koopa (frog-like) who eats all the fruit in the land
— Earn coins, unlock tasks & the world map and even go on a mission on the world map!
— Buy upgrades like extra lives, powerful boosts and more!
— (Most of) The game is playable in either portrait or landscape mode.
— Go real fast, by double clicking the screen, like a koopa!
— Sticky mode (when you press space to jump) helps you reach higher places!
— Watch out for the super deami’ monsters! Defeat them all and conquer the world map!
— All monsters can be defeated with Fruit and Super Fruits, gained from beating minor and super level monsters
— Accomplish tasks like collecting coins, bonus milestones and achievements for more fun!
— Try different button combinations to gain more super fruits for beating the monsters in your town!
— Unlock powerful boosts like “Shield to the Left”, “Shield to the Right” and “Shield for 5 Seconds”!
— Get a bunch of boosts at once and dominate your foes.
— Experiment with “Boost Gain” in the menu to see what they do!
— Play with different worlds to see if you can find all the hidden super monsters
— If you want, you can listen to music and/or your own music when playing.
— (An option to) play in Sticky Mode is available in the menu.
— The game is fast-paced with nice touch of nostalgia, so you’ll never get bored!
— The game will get bigger with new features, so stay tuned for news!
— Use Left & Right Arrow Keys to move
— WASD to move on the world map
— Space to jump
— M to skip in the menu
— Up to skip a level (world map)
— X to open menu and list
— A to open box and buy upgrades
— LEFT — RIGHT — UP — DOWN — R to use super fruits
— TASK Button to do a task in the game
— More information on the screen while playing the game
— FAQ in the game!

Do you like fruit?
Do you like clickers?
Then play the hit new game by indie development studio; SeaPuppy Studios!
Fruit Clicker!
Eat fruit by clicking it till’ your hand goes blue!


Fruit Clicker Features Key:

  • 125 beautiful, stunning levels. Expertly designed levels with carefully thought out layouts. No stage is similar to the other.
  • You can play them in the hope of finding the golden apples within the limited number of clicks. Up to level 115 is unlocked.
  • Unique sound design. Sometimes a long, short tone and sometimes an echoing sound. You can find out what’s coming up next through the game hints.
  • Fruit counter. At the moment, we have a count of how many apples, peaches and other fruit have dropped. You can increase the number of fruits as you play the stages.
  • App lock. The Application uses a combination of unique and conventional keys, which are only possible to appear together.
  • English language support currently via Google Play Translate.

  • Latest Update


    We’ve recently released version 1.0.13. Please don’t report any issues with the game (when the restart of the application). Unfortunately we had the issues with Google Play because there were many devices which did not recognized the new level.


    We will submit version 1.0.14 in 10 days. Currently we are working on improving the game even further.

    Have fun!

    Fruit Clicker is an experiment game. Go and check out — Superhit is a free app which allows to earn points for each click during a minute. The amount of points is multiplied by the points of your friend, inviting them in social network Facebook.
    Fruit Clicker is not really intended as a game, and in any case it is still work in progress. Fruit Clicker is the idea of Factory Rep for Enjoy!
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    Fruit Clicker Crack + Activation Code X64

    Fruit Clicker is a clicker game where the player clicks on fruit and munch it up to create money.
    Fruit Clicker is a humorous approach of the classic clicker game genre that lets players experience the thrill of munching fruits while creating a lots of money through a simple, friendly, and addicting game play.
    Fruit Clicker developed by SeaPuppy Studios is free to play and only contains advertisements.
    — Addictive game play!
    — Challenge mode!
    — Buy upgrades and stuff!
    — Exploration of game lore through achievements!
    — Likes and dislikes!
    — Munch fruits to create money and convert it to GOLD!
    — Click more fruits to gain more point and earn money more!
    — Highscore board, updates, leader board, etc..
    — Custom Theme lets you select your favorite theme for the game!
    — Enjoy the music or your own!
    — Random stuff in game!
    — Join the community on our Facebook page at
    — Also check out our Youtube Channel at
    — Thank you for playing our game and supporting indie development!
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    Fruit Clicker — Fruit Clicker [best hd wallpapers] —
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    Games Action games
    Fruit Clicker, fruit clicker
    — Addictive game play!
    — Challenge mode!
    — Buy upgrades and stuff


    Fruit Clicker Crack + [Updated-2022]

    FEATURES:Earn Munch and progress through achievementsEarn Munch and progress through achievements.Earn Munch and progress through achievements.Unlock new fruitSlice through the boneA hungry mouse is a sad mouse.A hungry mouse is a sad mouse.Expand your fruitfarm!Expand your fruitfarm!BASIC GAMEPLAY: A low-fantasy platformer game.Explore the world in a mouse hole!Explore the world in a mouse hole!BUILDUP YOUR FARM: Explore the world and slice through the bones of the enemies.Skewer the bones of the enemies!Skewer the bones of the enemies!BUY UP: Get upgrades and tap into new features!Tap into new features!BUY UP: Get upgrades and tap into new features!Tap into new features!UNLOCK LOOT AND EAT A DRINK: A simple adventure game.Eat a flower and have an adventure!Eat a flower and have an adventure!Enjoy beautiful retro-style pixel art graphics!Enjoy beautiful retro-style pixel art graphics!CALCULATE THE ACHIEVEMENTS: Discover the lore of the game and unlock cool achievements!Discover the lore of the game and unlock cool achievements!HAPPY MUSIC: Enjoy the music and help with gameplay!Enjoy the music and help with gameplay!HAPPY MUSIC: Enjoy the music and help with gameplay!Enjoy the music and help with gameplay!CROSSPLAY : Your achievements will be recorded on your Steam profile in-game and on our store page!Your achievements will be recorded on your Steam profile in-game and on our store page!If you’re an iPhone user, we have this game for you too! iphone — free downloadCASUAL: Play for free, eat for free!Play for free, eat for free!BUY IT ON STEAM: Buy the full version on Steam for £2.99!Buy the full version on Steam for £2.99!BUY IT ON STEAM: Buy the full version on Steam for £2.99!Buy the full version on Steam for £2.99!BUY IT ON STEAM: Buy the full version on Steam for £2.99!Buy the full version on Steam for £2.99!CANCELLATION POLICY: Free to play, Free to eat!Free to play, Free to eat!CANCELLATION POLICY: Free to play, Free to eat!Free to play


    What’s new in Fruit Clicker:

      v0.2.75.8 review — clicker games for the iPad

      Note : For Mac users, I recommend downloading the Mac version (linked at the bottom) of Fruit Clicker, not this article. Not sure if the Mac version is compatible with later versions of iOS.

      I added «H A P P E R» (multiplayer) a couple weeks ago and it worked great, but I didn’t have a full review. Hopefully this one has everything you need to know. Here’s a quick list of useful tips:

      After you play for long enough, all fruits will shrink a little each day.

      Chances of winning rise slowly every day. If you hit a specific amount in a day, you’re guaranteed a *juicy pear*. Once you get a juicy pear, you won’t get another one for the next 7 days, until you get a «sweet apple».

      Each game can have up to 3 puzzle pieces on a matrix which represents a potentially possible area of the world map, where the fruits are on. You start off with 0 pieces.

      To build your game, you have 5 directions (North, South, East, West, Diagonal), each with 4 pieces total. That’s 16 pieces total. With 8 players online, that’s 24 pieces.

      Each piece has a number of pockets which is there to represent how easy it is to harvest the fruits inside. The side of the pocket where you harvested the fruit has a number to represent how much xp you get.

      Every day you can pull the fruit out of a pocket and harvest it. You get the fruits in order of difficulty.

      Without getting too complicated, here’s the formula I use to calculate what your score will be after a game:

      Integer fruit chanceMultiplier (# daily)First fruits are bonusInteger xpMultiplier (per fruit)You score is equal to the final number entered, less the total percentage of fruits harvested*c + 1

      *c can be up to 3 if you don’t get all the fruits in the game. This isn’t shown on the screen.

      The beta version of this game was released 4 years ago, initially released for the iPhone. It was noted as being good at the time. I bought it right away because of the concept, because I’d found a concept that was too good to miss.

      Managed to win almost every game I played with it. I did score nearly 1300 points,


      Download Fruit Clicker Crack + Activation [Updated-2022]


      How To Crack Fruit Clicker:

    • Look in the download folder and open Firefox, download and run the file
    • Run, start with action 7 on the new fruit clicker Here…
    • You should see a green message and a GIF.
    • Click on GIF to view the icon
    • You should see a message titled Fruit Clicker: Clicker style Game
    • Click on that to start playing
    • Look for game file, look in it, find its own Steam game inside, locate the file named Clicker_Game.exe
    • Run it

    How To Download & Torrent Fruit Clicker:

    • Look in the download folder and open Chrome, download and run the file
    • Run, start with action 7 on the game file Here…
    • You should see the message
    • Click on GIF to start the game

    Any technical issues with the game?


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    System Requirements For Fruit Clicker:

    OS: Windows 7 or later.
    Windows 7 or later. Processor: Intel Core i5-6500, AMD Phenom II X4 940,
    Intel Core i7-3770, AMD Ryzen 5 1400 or better, or
    Windows 10, 8, or 7 SP1 (64-bit only) Processor: Intel Core i5-6600,
    Windows 10, 8, or 7 SP1 (64-bit only) Memory


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