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Xoctave Crack Keygen is an application for GNU Octave 2.0 and 3.0. It’s a tool to simplify programming of Octave scripts.
Xoctave Torrent Download is equipped with a complete set of functions and a script editor. This enables you to generate and modify Octave scripts.

Quick Start

See the Xoctave documentation to learn more about Xoctave and how to install, run and use it.

Xoctave User Guide

See the Xoctave documentation for the detailed information on how to use Xoctave.

System Requirements

Xoctave works on Microsoft Windows (with MS Visual Studio 2005 or later), Microsoft Windows XP and Linux (with at least GTK 2.0).

File Formats

Xoctave supports all file formats required by Octave. The file format is the same as for GNU Octave.

See the File Formats page for details on file formats supported by Xoctave.


Xoctave can be extended by plugins. See Plugins for details on plugins.


Xoctave’s development version can be downloaded from its Forge page. To use this version you need to have a registered account in Forge.

The latest stable version of Xoctave can be downloaded from its Download page.


All documentation for Xoctave is available in the documentation sub-folder.

To get started see the Quick Start. See the System Requirements for the additional system requirements and the Installation for the detailed information on how to install Xoctave.

Documentation can be found by following the links below:

* Create and edit scripts
* Script editor and debugging tool
* Directory browser
* Variable viewer
* User manual
* Script documentation
* Plugin documentation
* User guide
* Help


* [User Manual](
* [Script Documentation](

Xoctave Keygen Full Version For Windows

* Variable/Object/Command viewer
* Script editor
* Debugger
* Directory browser
Xoctave Cracked Accounts has support for the following languages:
* Lazarus
* Windows
* Mac
* Linux

Xoctave is open source and released under the GNU General Public License. This project includes Lazarus plugin which is under MIT license.

Xoctave uses a global configuration file (.xoctave.conf) which contains the list of variables. You can make changes to that list using the config-editor.

To see more about the functionality and features of Xoctave, see the help system in the console window.

Installation Instructions:
To install Xoctave, use the following commands in a command prompt.


Windows users should see «Installation» in the left column for the Windows version.
To install Xoctave, enter the following in the command line:


Use the following commands in a Linux terminal:

Mac OS X: 

Enter the following in a terminal application:

The programming interface to Xoctave was designed by Louis Grenier. Xoctave uses a Lazarus plugin.

See also

External links
Xoctave’s Home Page

Category:Lazarus (programming)
Category:Application programming interfacesQ:

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Xoctave Crack +

Xoctave is a special-purpose application for Octave, which is a free environment for numerical computing in the MATLAB programming language. It is a windowing tool that provides a user-friendly GUI for Octave and thus, creates a complete technical computing environment.
The application is based on Pascal, Lazarus and LCL programming languages and connects with Octave via pipes. The Console window is where the interaction with Octave takes place.
The program also comes with a script editor and debugging tool, a variable viewer and a directory browser. Its functionality can be enhanced using plugins.
*C++, Delphi, Java, Matlab, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Ruby
*C#, Delphi, Java, Matlab, PHP, Ruby
*Pascal, Lazarus, LCL, Perl, PHP
*Java, Matlab, Pascal, Perl
*Delphi, C, C++, Matlab, PHP, Ruby






GNU General Public License 2.0

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What’s New In Xoctave?

This library contains classes and functions to provide classes and operations for images manipulation and scientific computing in Octave.
The core of the library lies in the manipulation of images with the basic classes and functions that can be found in the Image library. The classes and functions are extending the Image classes and are available in the Image subdirectory.
The image classes and operations are accessed via the functions provided in the Octave API.

(EN) use image loading and saving operations to read and write images
(DE) use octave’s image handling functions to read and write images

(EN) use the BasicImage class, which encapsulates a voxel image structure for image manipulation and data loading
(DE) use image data structs to define and load the image data

(EN) use the GraphicLayout class to represent the frame layout of an image in the console
(DE) use a geometry class for graphic/layout tasks

(EN) use the CommandHistory class to record and show the history of user commands and system history
(DE) use the HistoryManager class to store command history

(EN) use the ImageReader class to read image data
(DE) use the BaseImageReader class to provide the basic functions for reading data

(EN) use the ImageWriter class to write image data
(DE) use the BaseImageWriter class to provide the basic functions for writing image data

(EN) use the image manipulation functions to resize, rotate and crop image
(DE) use the image manipulation functions to resize, rotate and crop image

(EN) use the Octave class to open and save image
(DE) use octave’s image handling functions to open and save images

(EN) use the function BaseSets to load a set of images and plot them
(DE) use the function BaseList to load an array of images and plot them

(EN) use the function FillImage to fill an image with a given value
(DE) use the function FillImage to fill an image with a given value

(EN) use the function ImageLabels to read and write the image labels
(DE) use the function ImageLabels to read and write the image labels

(EN) use the function ImagePlot to read and write images with an additional grid plot
(DE) use the function ImagePlot to read and write images with an additional grid plot

(EN) use the function ImagePlot3D to read and write images with an additional 3D grid plot
(DE) use the function ImagePlot3D to read and write images with an additional 3D grid plot

(EN) use the function ImageViewer to read and write images and render them in the console
(DE) use the function ImageViewer to read and write images and render them in the console

(EN) use

System Requirements:

OS: MacOSX 10.10
CPU: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GT 420 or AMD Radeon HD 5xxx Series, AMD Radeon Pro 460 and above
GPU: DirectX 11 Compatible GPU with 512 MB VRAM or better
Storage: 10 GB free space on the Steam directory
OS: macOS Sierra
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 or better



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