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Rating 4.26 / 5 ( 4082 votes )
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Welcome to Meme Supreme, the social and meme-centered card game where you try to collect all the playing cards in your hand before the timer runs out. Instead of making your card history, you’ll be making your card history.
You’ll play with your favorite memes. Some of them will be lost to time, some will be forgotten but all of them will be dank. The only way you can hang on to these memes is to remember them and match them.
Play the game out loud if you want to, we aren’t going to judge. Meme Supreme has a song inspired by Rick & Morty, used the Lazy Boy, an octopus meme, and some freewrite poetry. Your jokes won’t get us down.
You can buy this game on Steam, itch, or in PlayStation and Xbox stores!
Developed by:
— The developer of the incredible card game Meeple Escape
Official Store links:
Steam —
Itch —
Xbox —
PlayStation —
Screenshots & Bug Reports:

Meme Supreme is a simple matching card game with nostalgic meme references.
Race against the clock to match all the playing cards before the timer runs out. But be careful, each playing card has an alternative style to add to the challenge! Do you have what it takes to recollect these old and forgotten memes?
Game Features
23 classic dank meme references
6 different card styles
3 playing card decks
Randomly-generated card spreads that make each round unique
A soundtrack that will drive your whole family bonkers
1337 Steam achievements
Planned Features
Custom player-requested achievement titles and icons
Community-suggested playing cards
More info coming soon!
About This Game:
Welcome to Meme Supreme, the social and meme-centered card game where you try to collect all the playing cards


Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.26 / 5 ( 4082 votes )
Update (11 days ago)



  • 12-paths multi-path puzzles with an original mechanism
  • 24 Electronic Art OMR records
  • 183 level of difficulty
  • 8 bonus audio tracks
  • Top-seller
  • Mini-game with bonus
  • This game is compatible with ANY turntable with speed control (up
    to 1200 BPM).
    With an OMR (Optical Music Reader) you can read the music and keep the time
    by using the cross-fader.

    To begin the game and check how you did we first
    will play an instrumental introduction that may take from one to two minutes.
    If your mix is good, this will start the game in the pause-tempo mode.

    By hitting «ESC» you can jump into the
    «The Game» immediately, if you don’t want to read the
    instruments throughout the game and just want to play it right away.
    To pause the music before entering the game, you will need to wait about one minute and
    hit «MIDI Start«. After you have entered the game, a
    skipped counter will start to count. Once this reaches the number of the last good
    EQ gain increase, you lose the game, if you still have a good EQ gain.
    The sound loops that are presented at the beginning of the game, which are entirely
    a re-recording and were mixed in the same way as the main mix, will stop after a while.

    To finish the game, which was created exclusively for your turntables, we
    decided to do the following:

    • Each time you play the game, it starts over from the beginning.
      Never leave the game, which means a loss;
    • The clock, which is designed to advance quickly, is reset to the
      tempo you first hear the cut-in-the-beginning and starts to count.
      The game is actually in a mode of continuous play, which is interrupted by
      the tracks. </


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      this is supposed to be an interactive simulation, so what you see is what you get.
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      Take pictures using your cell phone camera or your camera’s web cam! You can even upload them to your friends and show off how good you look!
      You have a follower you can control in the game. Use it to help find a safe place for you to sleep at night.
      New weapons available! From a knife, a shotgun, a chainsaw, to a plasma gun!
      A Wii Remote is required to play this game.
      [ F11: Full Screen]
      [ H: Toggle High Quality graphics]
      [ R: Toggle Safe Mode]
      [ A: Toggle Autobulls]


      What’s new:


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