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AutoCAD is widely used in a variety of industries such as architecture, manufacturing, civil engineering, geology, industrial design, landscape architecture, mechanical engineering, mining, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, structural engineering, and water resources engineering. In the commercial landscape, AutoCAD is one of the few apps that consistently generate positive ROI for both users and developers of AutoCAD.

According to Autodesk, «AutoCAD runs on computers with any of the following operating systems:

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10



Also, with the additional Autodesk software, AutoCAD may also run on computers running the following operating systems:




Vista/Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1


According to Autodesk, in 2018, AutoCAD users in the United States (USA) made an estimated 4.2 billion usage/design drawings per year. This works out to an average of over 13 million usage/design drawings per day. The total number of active user accounts (licensed users) in the USA in 2018 was around 10 million.

Here we have compiled the list of best and the most popular Autodesk AutoCAD tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

List of Best and Most Popular AutoCAD Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users

1. What is AutoCAD?

Before we move on, let us talk about AutoCAD and how it is different from other CAD software.

AutoCAD is a commercial, professional-level CAD software program for designing buildings and other structures. More than 1,000 engineers have been certified to use AutoCAD in the US and Canada. The software has a classic-style user interface with an animated cursor that responds to input from the mouse.

AutoCAD is available on many different computer platforms (OS) and operating systems (OS).

But AutoCAD is not just another drawing program. Many of its features are not available in any other software, so you really can’t get a “one-size-fits-all” solution from other software. There are many reasons why Auto

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An OpenGL video driver for Linux was released as open source on May 6, 2008.

Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen 2009 was the first AutoCAD Download With Full Crack product to support the Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 operating system.

The major addition in AutoCAD 2010 was the Inventor Interface.

Released in October 2012, AutoCAD 2013 has support for the Windows 8 operating system, the Apple iOS, and the Android operating system.

AutoCAD 2016 and newer no longer support the.NET Framework. They use the Cross platform engine instead.

AutoCAD 2017 and newer no longer support AutoLISP. They use the cross-platform Engine instead.


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… Then start the generated batch file and follow the instructions (this will not change your settings).

Results in the picture below:

The advantages of this version is that no installation of Autocad (which is already installed) is needed (this is the first time Autocad is needed) and it is more easy to update the program (in my case the Autocad Designer and not only Autocad).

Thank you for watching.


You can download a trial version from the Autodesk website. Just search «Autocad Trial Edition» and find the link.
I personally think that you’re right to use the free version. I am not an Autodesk employee, but I do have their software, and I use both the 2017 and 2019 trial versions of Autocad. The Autocad 2017 trial is a pretty good trial, but the 2019 trial is more robust. I can do more with the 2019 than I can with the 2017. I can’t speak to the Autocad Designer or Architect.
A few other tips:

If you have a newer computer, get the «student» edition. I don’t think it’s possible to «upgrade» a license. At least not without a significant investment of time and money.
Don’t use the «official» Autodesk version of Autocad. As I mentioned above, the «official» versions are not that good. Use the «student» version instead. There may be new features and bug fixes in the 2017 version that the official version does not have.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Customizable toolbars: Quickly access the commands and menu options you need to design with AutoCAD and then hide or customize toolbars for specific design tasks.

Graphical User Interface: Easily access all your commands from the side toolbar, and easily move between the drawing and the template to work on any project at any time. (video: 1:21 min.)

Extensible Sketch panel: Push-and-shove create your own panels of tools in the drawing area or export them to other drawings for reuse. Add a toolbox with editable properties to any panel, quickly save panel layouts to the drawing. (video: 1:22 min.)

Drawing Window: Easily toggle between different views to see the drawing, different layers, or another dimension.

Smart layer visibility: Easily access and use only the layers you need to review or edit your drawing. The default visibility lets you choose from five different view modes, including Auto, Visible, Hidden, Hidden with Layers, and Hidden with objects.

Three-Dimensional (3D) modeling tools: Work with 3D models and 3D meshes in AutoCAD without 2D tools.

CADe: The Add to Selection command is now automatically available from all toolbars and context menus and to all active objects.

Improved mesh-based tools: Create and edit meshes with mesh generation, topology editing, and other advanced tools.

Graphic templates: Using the new template panel, you can create and edit static or animated graphic templates to incorporate into your drawing. (video: 1:18 min.)

Multi-viewport: Easily navigate a drawing using a template and multiple viewports in the same drawing.

Line segment editing: Easily change line segment properties.

Plane orientation: Change the orientation of one or multiple planes at a time.

Folding to sections: Create sections without completely cutting and pasting your model. Use the menu item Folding to sections to hide or show sections, add local constraints, and control the layout of sections.

Collapsible dimensions: Easily collapse and expand dimensions to save space and make drawing editing easier.

High-performance printing: With the Print Preview tool, you can instantly preview print layout, whether you’re using Windows printers or Adobe PDF printers. You can even print a specific part of your drawing

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Intel i5-2500K @ 4.2 GHz, AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE, Intel i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz, Intel i7-4790 @ 4.2 GHz
4 GB
Radeon HD 7700, GeForce GTX 670, GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Version 11
1680×1050, 1680×1050, 1280×1024,


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