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The topic below is obsolete.

I am experiencing a problem with my GTA5 Rockstar Social Club account, it says that the username is in use, but it is not. I tried making a new accout under ‘FTP’, but it will not allow me to because I must register first.
I am using a Windows 8.1 PC, my Rockstar Social Club account information is as follows:

Account Name: Rockstar SpeedChat
Account Id: 1004
Account Password:
Real name: Paul Jackson

I have tried several ways to make a new account, and none of them work. I tried entering the username and password in the ‘Register Now’ button, but it is still not working.
What is the problem? How can I fix it?


I believe the FTP account is for FTP accounts only. It is not accessible to the Social Club. If you login to the Social Club through the Internet you do not need to have an FTP account.
Please read the Social Club Guide (only available through the Social Club) to see how to edit your Social Club profile. You can do this in-game using the Social Club app.
If you need help to figure this out, just ask and I or one of the other members will help.

Show HN: My World — Meet New People on the Internet, Kinda — shalansc

Great idea. You really should change the title of the thread. It doesn’t say
anything about «My World» (I had to look through the about page to find out
what the service is), and it is too long.

Fixed. Will change the title as well.

Can you please provide the details how does it work, what language is used,
what exactly is a profile? And how is the «rating» calculated?

Profiles are simple text files. Each time you log in, your profile is
authenticated via OAuth and refreshed with any changes you make. All the
actions you do are rated on a scale. Your actions are rated between 1 and 10
and your corresponding actions become your scores. In addition, your scores
are also used to rank

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