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The PatternMon name stands for Pattern Generator. PatternMon was designed to be a small utility to tune-up your ‘X/Y-moire’ monitor settings.
Ok, let’s suppose you just bought a great new 19″ monitor. It’s very likely that it’ll have ‘moire’ setting controls, but you have no clue what they are for.
So here’s how you can use them to get a better picture. Use ‘PatterMon’ to set horizontal or verticals lines all over the screen, and then tweak your settings to minimize the ‘interference patterns’.







PatternMon Crack

‘PatternMon Serial Key’ automates tuning your X-moire settings

The red dots are a guide

You may be interested in knowing that PatternMon Crack Mac also sets your ‘Y-moire’ settings!
That’s right, it also does that for you.

‘PatterMon’ calculates optimal settings for X & Y moire

The target for ‘X moire’ is is usually a * line pattern.

The horizontal white/black stripes are usually not recommended.

The best setting is the one where the dots are * evenly and closely spaced.

* e.g. one dot every pixel

‘PatterMon’ calculates optimal settings for Y moire

A horizontal white/black line pattern.

The vertical white/black line pattern is usually not recommended

The best setting is the one where the dots are * evenly and closely spaced.

* e.g. one dot every pixel

Start by clicking ‘Start’. Then click one of the dots on the left bar. The ‘X/Y’ lines will be drawn (see images above) and you can move them around using the move tool (the red arrow).

Use the scrollbar on the right side to zoom in and out.

To set both ‘X/Y’ line patterns at once, hold shift key while click-dragging in the same direction as the line pattern.

As you can see, a single dot every pixel should be very close together.

But some people say that it’s more pleasing to’see’ a pattern that has dots every quarter pixel.

But, the dots should be *evenly* spaced as much as possible, otherwise the lines will look slightly different.

As you can see, you can easily change the spacing between the dots by moving them around.

Just keep in mind that if you push the line pattern too close together, it will hide *too many* lines, and vice versa.

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PatternMon With Product Key PC/Windows

Copyright (c) Allik, 2001-2009. All rights reserved.


PatternMon License Key

* Use the PatternMon and let it load all your vid modes.
* Adjust the ‘Verticals Lines’ and ‘Horizontals Lines’ controls.
* Adjust ‘Line width’, ‘Contrast’ and ‘Hue’.
* Press ‘Reset’ to exit PatternMon, and OK to save changes.
* Launch the monitor itself.
All controls are animated
Cancel to exit PatternMon, OK to save the changes.
Now just try the settings in the picture above.
If you don’t like the settings: you can revert to them with no have to reinstall your monitor.
The PatternMon is not a’magic’ or a ‘unique’ utility.
Some Applications are already doing this for you…
As this is an experimental utility, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.
If you have any comments or suggestions, try to give them to us.
Thank you.


One possibility is to try to create an ordered bitmap of lines:

load your calibrated image as a BMP
create a line vector
drop lines in your vector, some parameters for each line
save the image in the bmp format

Test it… i’m pretty sure there is no algorithm to find the minimal perfect order of lines…

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I am writing a component in react, and I would like to access the prop «n» from this.props to use as the id of an HTML element. The problem is that as soon as I render it from HTML, it is undefined. Also, as soon as I remove the render= from HTML, it works fine. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?
I’ve tried passing it as a prop like so:

What’s New In PatternMon?

> = ‘X-moire’ 
> = ‘Y-moire’
> = ‘Horizontal lines’
> = ‘Vertical lines’
> = ‘Lines sweep’
> = ‘Lines fly-by’
> = ‘Circular lines’
> = ‘Radius’
> = ‘Sweep’
> = ‘Distance’
> = ‘Shade’
> = ‘Color’
> = ‘Strength’
> = ‘Steady’

The usage of this utility is incredibly simple:

Choose the type of interference, usually ‘X-moire’ or ‘Y-moire’ (you have to actually know what they do, of course)
Scroll down and press OK (or Enter) to start the insererment of lines over your screen
After a moment, PatternMon will process your lines and give you feedback about their positioning and other settings (it works just as the PatternMon utility shows when it is not activated)

You’ll then have to tweak the settings to your tastes:

The horizontal and vertical lines (if used) can be moved all around the screen
You can adjust their positions
You can adjust their speed
You can adjust their length
You can adjust their color
You can adjust their shade
You can adjust their strength
You can adjust their steady speed

After a while, you can start adding even more patterns to your screen:

You can add lines that sweep around the screen
You can add lines that fly-by
You can add circular lines
You can adjust their radius and add a minimum and maximum size
You can adjust their distance and add a minimum and maximum value
You can set them to shade everything
You can set them to something else…

…and so on.
If you’re new to ‘X/Y-moire’, I strongly suggest you’ve a look at our ‘X-moire’ tutorial before continuing to use this utility.

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Step 2 of 2

Create a new pattern

Step 1 of 2

Choose the type of interference

Search or enter the names of these interference patterns:

Horizontal lines
Vertical lines

Step 3

System Requirements:

Direwolf20 wants to stress that this event will run on the network, not in your local machine.
So if you have a slow internet connection, it might be better to save the.doc file and edit it locally.
In that case, just open it with the free WordPad application, on your Windows machine (we recommend Microsoft Office 2016).
Also, if you have any problems, please report them through our Discord server.
But anyway, let’s get started!
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