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Ulead VideoStudio Plus 11.5 With Dolby Digital PowerPack Serial Key Keygen !!HOT!! 🚩

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Ulead VideoStudio Plus 11.5 With Dolby Digital PowerPack Serial Key Keygen

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How to load Magento static content from remote server?

I need to load Magento -store.xml and/or other static content from a remote server in a Magento installation. Is there a way to do this?
Could I add a php file to the Magento folder that is pointing to the file on the server? How would I point to it? I’m using Magento CE


At this moment I can not comment on @Paul’s answer yet. However, you can do it by adding the following in your ftp configuration (assuming the public_html folder is on the server):

Caching (to improve speed)
Directory browsing (to expose admin links to your content)

On the server (the physical machine), you need a file called mod_cache.c.
That file should be located in the Magento installation’s root folder, ie. not in the httpdocs subfolder.
So, you need to ensure that mod_cache.c is in your Magento’s root folder (all assets, database and so on) if you have one, otherwise in httpdocs/magento/ (the directory that holds the.htaccess and so on)
In that file, you can add the following content:
/* additional caching directives */

mod_rewrite_cache 200 1 0 1;
mod_expires_by_type image, css, javascript, jpg, gif, ttf, png 200 1 0 20m;

This is a barebones caching setup (do note that you can do


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Assembly.LoadFrom(string path) returns nothing in C#

I have the following sample C# program in a library project called ‘A’ (with a default namespace of ‘AssemblyA’).
AssemblyA a = Assembly.LoadFrom(@»C:\MyFolder\MyFile.dll»);

I have my class in a project called ‘B’ (with a default namespace of ‘AssemblyB’). However, when I run the program from ‘B’ I get nothing, not even an error. If I try:
Assembly a = Assembly.LoadFrom(@»C:\MyFolder\MyFile.dll»);

I get an error that ‘a’ is not of type ‘AssemblyB.MyType’.
Why does loading an assembly from a different project work but not when I attempt to access a type inside the loaded assembly?
I’m using Visual Studio 2012, and I haven’t seen anything about what this is supposed to be in the documentation.


Getting a type from an assembly loads the assembly. Getting a type from an assembly and declaring a variable of that type loads the assembly into the variable.
To load a type from an assembly:
Assembly assembly = Assembly.LoadFrom(«full assembly path»);
Type type = assembly.GetType(«type name»);

To load an assembly into a variable, you need something like a reference, or you can use AppDomain.CurrentDomain.Load:
Assembly assembly = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.Load(«full assembly path»);
Type type = assembly.GetType(«type name»);


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