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The first version of AutoCAD was named AutoCAD R13.2. In 1983, version R14 was released, with the ability to draw solid objects. Starting with AutoCAD R15, AutoCAD was made available as a wireframe model.

Starting with AutoCAD R16, AutoCAD began to be marketed to architects and engineers. Unlike the previous versions, AutoCAD R16 was not compatible with AutoCAD R13 or earlier versions.

AutoCAD 2017 was released in 2016.


In 1982, Autodesk released AutoCAD for the Apple II. It was one of the first CAD programs to run on a microcomputer. AutoCAD was developed as a desktop application with a mouse and a windowing system similar to that of the Xerox Alto, the first graphical workstation. The first version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD R13.2, was released in December 1982. R13 was a shortened version of the code-name, as the program was designed as a desktop app for use on the Apple II.

AutoCAD R14, released in 1983, added the ability to draw solid objects. It was the first version of AutoCAD that could be used in a window. AutoCAD R14 was released for the IBM PC in 1984. At the time, the PC was the dominant platform in use for CAD. The program was upgraded in 1986 to include the ability to output graphics files for use on laser printers. AutoCAD R16 was the first version to be available on both the Apple and IBM platforms. The final version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD R18, was released in 1990.

AutoCAD is available for iOS devices, Android devices, and Mac OS X. AutoCAD Web App is available for browser access on any device.

Over the years, Autodesk has expanded AutoCAD’s capabilities to include other platforms and to provide more and more user functionality. With AutoCAD 2012, the company introduced AutoCAD LT, which was introduced with AutoCAD 2012 SP1. AutoCAD LT was made available for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.


Mobile versions

Mobile versions of AutoCAD are available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and Android devices. Mobile versions of AutoCAD are completely separate from the desktop versions of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD Crack+ PC/Windows

What is AutoCAD?
AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.
AutoCAD LT is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

Key features

Customer Support

ADF (Autodesk Data Fusion)
Autodesk Data Fusion (ADF) is a cloud-based online and mobile application to view CAD drawings, manage the configuration, and release documents to market. ADF is part of the Electronic Product Design Suite and is designed to improve collaboration by consolidating document repository, coordination, and collaboration tools. ADF is available on mobile devices and PCs.

The core ADF components are based on the Autodesk Exchange (Exchange) application and are made available as a set of web services.


3D Drawing
These are the core components of the AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Civil 3D applications:
Objects: Everything in the drawings, including geometric objects, text, dimensions, and annotations.
Parts: Includes all families of parts (not just mechanical), including all types of assembly.
Models: Includes all 3D models.
Parameters: Controls AutoCAD’s behavior in a drawing.
Settings: Represents a drawing’s current state.
Presentation-related layers: Includes layers that are used to control the display of a drawing, such as 3D view, orthographic, or section view.
Rendering Layers: Includes rendering and transparency layers, which are used to control how a drawing is rendered.
Engineering Styles: Includes styles for creating engineered elements (geometric and non-geometric), such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

These are the core components of the AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Mechanical extensions:
Libraries: These are used to load, save, and manipulate objects and properties.
Components: Used to extend the drawing functionality by providing more options for the shape tools and drawing tasks.


AutoCAD user training includes classes available through the Autodesk Academy website. Individual and group classes are also offered onsite at Autodesk offices.

Autodesk has also published books and other media materials. In addition, Autodesk, Inc. publishes a number of trade magazines, including CAD/CAM, Computer Graphics World, SolidWorks, SolidWorks World, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks Engineering Design. Autodesk also publishes the online Autodesk University,

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Other versions
Some versions of Autocad contain the following files:


External links
Autodesk Autocad at Discogs
Autodesk Autocad Image of DVD at ImageShack

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What’s New In?

Autocad 2023, Just Drafted, Inc.

This post has been migrated from my blog: Autocad 2023, Just Drafted, Inc.

Early Release

Launch Date: May 12, 2020

Live documentation available at

About AutoCAD 2023:

You can experience the power of AutoCAD 2023 on both Windows and Mac. For any Mac users: install the latest version of the Mac App and get an extended trial or the Pro version.

If you already own AutoCAD 2023, you can download the latest AutoCAD Live Update for your on-premises product.

Here are the main highlights:

Full support for new pen displays.

Accelerate engineering, construction, and architecture projects.

Add stability to your architecture and engineering projects with improved document management.

Create models faster and easier with improvements to the modeling tools.

Improve existing modeling and drawing tools.

Start new design work on pages right from your tablet or mobile device.

The development of AutoCAD has a rich history, and this release is no exception. The features and functions we’re developing in AutoCAD are the culmination of years of innovation and engineering effort.

In AutoCAD 2023, we’ve taken a fresh look at how to make AutoCAD more powerful, how to incorporate some of the latest advancements in technology, and how to make AutoCAD easier to use.

We’ve made significant investments to bring AutoCAD to a new level. We have built on the foundation of AutoCAD 2019, but we’ve also introduced brand new features that are important to us.

Build on the foundation of AutoCAD

AutoCAD has a rich history, and its development is based on AutoCAD’s roots in the BDLDW product line. We’ve taken some of the best and most useful features and enhancements from BDLDW and integrated them into AutoCAD.

In AutoCAD 2023, we continue to build on the foundation of BDLDW, while also continuing to innovate and advance the product.

Support for pen displays

With AutoCAD 2019, you can use pen displays to design, create, and edit drawings. In AutoCAD 2023, we’ve enhanced our support for pen displays.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

— CPU: 1.8 GHz single-core or 2.0 GHz dual-core processor or better
— Memory: 512 MB RAM
— Hard Disk: 10 MB available space
— VGA: 256 MB of video memory
— DirectX: Version 9.0
Xbox 360 Slim
Xbox 360 Slim — Java
What’s new:
What’s in the box:
Xbox 360 Controller
1 Game


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