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The whole content is made for fun and not for the real earning, give my thanks for taking interest in my game and i thank u for your patience.
There is NO way to earn money in the game except donation and selling user generated content (UGC)
You know what you buy in game is free, you want to buy more gold, buy card in store in game instead
You would be giving to me instead.
For making a donation you get 10% member card and 25% profit in store, it means you are helping me in making game better
Game is free for play, for selling UGC, for making member card you need to donate more and more to get profit on the store, and u have to make more card in every year to get more profit, and there is no way to earn money without selling.
So the author is asking donation to make this game better, and if you don’t want to give then you have to enjoy this game and give me thanks and encouragement to making it better.
I mean it’s a fun game for relax and make it better.
Donation page is here >>

Author’s comments :
This is a light fantasy action RPG that will just make you relax and have fun, I don’t think this game will have much future or you wont find any sort of update, I mean this game is made just for relax, this is not the game that you would like to play more than once but this is more than that you would like to have just relax and have fun.
About the game and background info, I made this game because I have to relax instead of working my whole life, it’s really painful because I have found the best game that would make my life much better and I can’t work with it, and I made this game without thinking about it’s future, I think there are many problems in games right now that want to make a profit from someone’s content.
This game is for relax, this game is made to have fun while you are having fun you are earning this game. You could relax in a game and get your strengh back, the main goal of this game is not have profit, it’s to just relax you.
The game is using some advance graphics card, it’s released with a PC and I hope you can play with it, you can get graphics glitch in your system if you want to play with an advance graphics card, but


Features Key:


ShiningCity — Reward 2 Full Version Download

– City of monuments, a monument in the form of a giant capital Z
– Monuments, the tracks of an artist — “a monument to write landscape, a sculpture”
– An artist — “I was born in this city!”
– Mountains, a mountain of sculptures
– Roam the city
About The Game — Reward 3:
– City of squares, a monument in the form of a capital L
– Houses, green houses
– Parks, a park with a fountain
– Monuments of trees
– Fragments of a marathon
– Monuments and buildings of sports complexes
– A museum – “Summer… I was a child on this city!”
About The Game — Reward 4:
– City of culture, a monument in the form of a capital C
– Monuments of culture
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 5:
– City of the man, a monument in the form of a capital W
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
– Monuments of sport
– Monuments of nature
About The Game — Reward 6:
– City of love, a monument in the form of a capital L
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 7:
– City of joy, a monument in the form of a capital E
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 8:
– City of warmth, a monument in the form of a capital G
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 9:
– City of the autumnal, a monument in the form of a capital D
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 10:
– City of the spring, a monument in the form of a capital K
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 11:
– City of the city, a monument in the form of a capital A
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 12:
– City of calm, a monument in the form of a capital C
– Houses, green houses
– Monuments of the human body
About The Game — Reward 13:
– City of death, a


ShiningCity — Reward 2 Free Download For PC 2022

Repair and Upgrade Department
New content
City life as you never seen before
Own a company and work even if sleeping
Fast recruitment and promotion
Agency work
Gameplay of the Game:
Shining City has a brand new gameplay system, in order to create a better town, they decided to create a new control method, creating a new post-apocalyptic world, and a perfect city, but it will be a challenge.
There are 2 control methods.
One is the classic control method, where all the controls are on the screen of the game.
The other one is a control method, where, according to the control method, you can communicate with many different people and chat with them,
But overall the system is a great system, and is going to be even better.
You get a phone that can talk to anyone in town, including the people you don’t talk to all the time.
It gives a talk back feature to every conversation.
If you are wanting to give someone a gift, or someone will give you a gift, it will notify you on the phone,
It gives you a notification and say you have the gift from which you can buy from the store,
If you want to communicate with someone like the chat system, but on the phone,
Communicating with people is also going to be better than the old version,
You chat with the people in the same room and you also chat with different people.
You chat with different people in the same room.
You can chat with the people that you don’t chat with everyday, with the phone.
And as you chat, everyone can communicate with you by the phone,
When you do say, give people a gift, or send them a message.
You’ll send it by the phone.
Now if you have a coffee, you can send it to that person or you can set a schedule to wake them up,
If you have a boss, you can schedule to talk to him directly.
If you want to chat, you use the phone, and if you want to send a message,
And if you want to send a gift, it does not just do a simple gift,
It goes to the store and finds a gift for you.
You can choose from many different gifts at the store and it does not matter which store.
It has a slider, a system that shows the gift.
You can look at the gift, but you don’t need to look


What’s new in ShiningCity — Reward 2:

    During this years introduction of the Mooney M20J article at ADV, we started a series of posts on different uses for the M20J and in one of those posts we had a link to the Mooney Experimental Base Kit (or the Mooney End Game Kit) – which contained quite a few add ons for the M20J.

    Then at the end of 2017, a french site “Air-Roll-Traders” wrote an article on the Mooney’s, and specifically mentions the M20J kit which included “the new Mooney M20J kit… ready to fly”.

    And as we recently got many questions about the “Steam Edition” from the readers, we’ve decided to put together a list of what is available/will be available for the Mooney M20J Steam Edition. This list is a wiki/list, so if you know something that’s missing, let us know at


    1. Primary 2 Engine Model Replacement

    One of the unique features of the Mooney M20J kit is that it comes with two airplane models, one primary and one secondary engine model – Just like some homebuilt aircraft. Which is why this should be a high priority during the Steam Edition, since your primary and secondary engine will most likely be changed.

    There are a few variations, but some of the most relevant ones are:

    – Subaru EJ225 & EJ200

    – Rotax 912 or 720i or 520i

    – Rotax 914 or 912i

    The Mooney M20J does have a manual nose wheel landing gear, which makes the choice easier, but it should also be noted that the m20j was also intended to be a training plane. The most relevant difference between a m20j used as a primary and a m20j used as a training plane is the nose wheel. If you want to fly it for multiple cycles however, the secondary engine replacement would be a better move.

    2. Real Estates

    If you are looking to fly home in your new M20J Steam Edition, one of the most important parts will be your domicile. The initial asking price of the Mooney M20J kit is quite high at $12,000 USD, which is a lot of money for a flying apartment. But, you can rent for about $500


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