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CdCat is an automated CD and DVD cataloging software which is provided with a wide range of options for virtually any type of storage medium, allowing you to create and maintain a comprehensive CD and DVD database. CdCat supports multiple types of storage media, such as CD, DVD, HDD, network places and flash drives. The software has a built-in database editor with highly useful features, such as XML import, export, search, editing, export to CSV, HTML, and text formats, security options, and advanced file renaming. It allows you to sort items by number, name, time and type, use a color-coding system, edit comments and rename files, view stats pertaining to each catalog, such as size, number of files and directories included, as well as use a pretty complex search function. CdCat has a lightweight and compact design, so you can easily install it on any PC connected to your network, and it will not leave any traces behind, not even in the registry and Start menu.
CdCat Download and Features:
• Import/Export (CSV, XML)
• Sort by:
# Name
# Type
• Comments
• Rename
• Search
• Export
• Stats (HTML, PDF, CSV)
• Display info for:
# # Files
# # Directories
• Change file type (HTML)
• Change directory (HTML)
• Change the kind of information displayed (HTML)
• Edit / Remove comments (HTML, CSV)
• Edit / Remove the kind of information displayed (HTML)
• Manage privileges for:
# Comments
• Rename files
• Rename directories
• Set directory permissions (7/8/16/23/…)
• Manage file extensions (HTML, CSV)
• View CD and DVD information (HTML, PDF, CSV)
• Print (HTML, PDF, CSV)
• Auto-convert data to another type (HTML)
• Auto-save (HTML)
• Auto-backup (HTML)
• Multi-language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Dutch)
CdCat Screenshot:
Download CdCat with:
CdCat is a free utility that has been downloaded by over 500,000 people, and is available to download from 70238732e0

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It is a powerful macro maker for Windows. Drag&Drop the pieces of a macro together and click the Create Macro button to build them in a simple and intuitive way.
A powerful user interface allows you to work with your macros efficiently. Just drag the pieces of a macro to the layout and click Create. The pieces will be merged to a single click-friendly macro.
Keymacro is also a powerful key remapping tool. Easily change the keys layout of a program or all programs at once. Quickly and intuitively set hotkeys for more comfortable working.
KEYMACRO’s suite of macros covers most of the day to day programming tasks. From common text manipulation like inserting, deleting or changing text, to complicated tasks like splitting large files into small parts.
When you just have to split your large text file, the Split macro is all you need. It is the very compact, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to do it with only one mouse click. Simply drag the Start piece, select File/Split/By Count, and simply click OK. The count is used to automatically split the file into small parts.
Keymacro is also a powerful macro editor with a whole lot of features to cover all the programming needs. Its powerful macro builder simplifies building macros while the text editing and the hotkey remapping features provide every programmer with all the tools he needs to create a macro.
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SmartScreen Filter is a free system security app. It will check and let you know about the apps from which the infected software requests you to download other programs.
You can also set the minimum and maximum size of the downloaded file. You may even set the extension and file type to ignore.
Moreover, it will also display the anti-virus program’s rating, if available, and the total number of reported issues and fixes. SmartScreen Filter runs in the background to check out the behavior of installed apps, in case any unknown software attempts to download other stuff.
Easy to use interface, quick scan, in the case of problems, automatic removal. SmartScreen Filter is a must have app for all computer users.
Most viruses, like the infamous so called «Win32.Worm.Panda», are designed to «infect» files that end with.exe,.com,.rar,.avi or


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