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The role of angiotensinogen in the control of vasopressin secretion.
Selection of the A8 rat strain has resulted in a model of genetic hypertension in which the cardiovascular effects of angiotensin II are potentiated. In these hypertensive rats angiotensinogen synthesis is increased and the heptapeptide angiotensin I generated and bound to receptors of the receptor for angiotensin II is markedly prolonged. The concentration of vasopressin in the plasma of these hypertensive rats was found to be increased. We now report experiments in which the role of the renal renin angiotensin system in the control of vasopressin secretion is examined in the A8 strain. Single nephrectomy of A8 rats resulted in the restoration of normal blood pressure and suppression of vasopressin secretion. In contrast, in A8 rats with hereditary hypertension, which have elevated plasma concentrations of both angiotensinogen and vasopressin, neither single nor multiple nephrectomy were effective in suppressing vasopressin secretion. These experiments imply that the vasopressin-producing cell can respond to the local substrate levels. However, the data also indicate that when renin is increased and angiotensinogen is also increased, the plasma level of angiotensin II is high, angiotensin II receptors on the vasopressin-producing cell are occupied by the heptapeptide and the response of the cell to the hormone is blunted.*&*

Since it’s based on React Native, there’s a strong chance that the App Center
could only be viewed on iOS and not Android.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be that hard to build an Android app out of the same
source code but… I guess I’m nitpicking.

Do other people think this is just a maintenance of the existing app center?

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