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*SSD Optimize merges free space on your SSD to improve SSD write performance.n SSDs are not affected by file fragmentation such as .png. This allows you to almost double the speed of access to information, which usually negatively affects the efficiency of working with files. File shadow copy support improves data security and eliminates the impact of fragmentation on performance. Up to 80% SSD storage delivers value by sorting data once a month or when you use the system several times more often. SSSD SSI-1.2 according to the PSIA protocol is more cost-effective and provides higher performance than the standard set of software tools available in the system. It supports over four thousand applications.
SSD-2 has all the benefits of the SATA III standard. SSD ASIC devices provide several times faster data transfer speed. SSD-2 portable devices are available for MacBook Air and Sony Vaio M series. Data transfers up to 2TB will be completed in as little as 3 seconds, providing a pleasant working experience for users who spend an average of 10 minutes browsing the Internet per day.

Original taken from How an SSD Works
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