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Social Exchange Script Nulled WordPress

Script Nulled

End-users of the nulled script download that is provided will work. Script Nulled Edition Nulled Plugin For WordPress Version 2.0.10. Script Nulled Edition Nulled Plugin For WordPress Version 2.0.10.# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Utility functions for LDAP in general.

from. import util

def _escape_value(value):
«»»A helper to escape a dict-like (or similar) value to be used for
LDAP binding and ACL inheritance.

:param value: An object to escape
if hasattr(value, ‘__iter__’):
iter_value = next(value)
return ‘.’.join(map(lambda x: ‘»%s»‘ % _escape_value(x), iter_value))
except StopIteration:
return util.to_str(value)
return util.to_str(value)

class Attribute(object):
«»»Dict-like object to use for creating attributes from LDAP values.

:param value: The LDAP attribute to use
def __init__(self, value, ldap_type=None, attr_name=»,
base_filter=None, recursive=False, full=False,
«»»Initialise a new Attribute object.

:param value: The LDAP attribute to use.
:param ldap_type: The LDAP type for the attribute. Defaults to

23.11.2016 v1.0.1 — Change / Comment
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