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Climawin.rar ☑



How would i transfer the data from the archive to a flash drive?


For any internet connection, it can be achieved by using TransferStatusChanged event in your DownloadFileCompleted event handler.
Try using something like this:
void DownloadFileCompleted(object sender,DownloadProgressChangedEventArgs e)
if (e.ProgressPercentage > 0)

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Colorful Poetry for Children

There is more to being a little girl than pink ribbons, princess dresses, and fairy tales! Children in Grades 1-4 can have a blast reading and making up their own colorful poetry inspired by classic poems from our collection. Below are some fun ideas that will help children to express their imagination and creativity.

Here is the book of poems!

STEP 1. Make colorful chalkboard or dry erase boards for the kids to use for writing. You can use your preschool or kindergarten room as a base. I just set mine on the table for the kids to draw or write on. To keep it fun, come up with some crazy names for your boards.

STEP 2. Gather related items for your project from around the house or the classroom (see below). There are classic poems that can be used for inspiration. Feel free to use your own ideas and imagination! You can purchase our children’s book of poems Colorful Poetry For Children for a suggested donation. By donating, you are supporting a great, non-profit organization that provides a preschool classroom full of books for thousands of children every year. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book for your classroom, you can go directly to our place by clicking here.


STEP 1. Print out and cut out the pre-made colors you desire.

STEP 2. Collect items from around the house that will reflect that color.

STEP 3. Have your children create their own words to go with the colors (like the ones in the color board for example). I call it “colorful poetry.” Give them as many words as they want and do not worry if they say it incorrectly. The big idea is to have fun and help your children create their own rhyming words and songs.

A great tip: color names are fun!

Step 4. Arrange all of your poem pieces

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