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Christmas Carol follows the story of the young man who encounters an angel on Christmas Eve. On his journey down the drain he finds an empty black eye ring, a key and a wonderful package. When he discovers that the black eye ring belonged to his dead mother, he decides to find out what was inside the package. He follows the trail of a mysterious man called Nicholas Nickleby who might be responsible for his mother’s untimely death. Together they go on a journey that takes them through the streets of Victorian age London, into the landscapes of the steamy South American jungle, under the black storm clouds of the abyss, into the world of ghosts and fairy tales and at the end up in the Christmas future.
Christmas Carol is a great success for the and therefore the following is a Beta Version with some inevitable Bugfixes and Tweaks. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Please send comments via the forum link at the top of the page!
Christmas Carol is available for Mac users exclusively at

Christmas Carol Comments



You have no idea how amazed I am to find a quality game that is actually still not in English! I find most games are all in the English language but this one has not. Its cool that you actually implemented European characters

Doug Voll


This is great thanks for all your support



I was just thinking if it was possible to have a whole series of these games. If yes, could I ask you the order in which they will appear? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..just wondering.



Love the game!



Well this is the first time I actually got a game from zu and I am HAPPY! This is cool! Great story line! Nice puzzles! Great controls!

Drink Water


I just want to tell you that this is very good game, and the music is also great! I really like this game, so much that I could not wait to write a review!



Great game, very addictive. Lots of hidden objects. Good design of events. Please would be great if you add


Features Key:

  • A variety of magical girls, users will not make you bored of playing the game.
  • More than 700 different roles to choose from.
  • More than 50 different skills, more than 100 different magical girls.
  • Variety of girlfriend selections and you can select any of the girl as you like.
  • Many different kinds of dresses.
  • Shop as many as you want and there are multiple kinds of artifacts in the game.
  • Some innovative features like the impact effect
  • %Elevated X3

    Elevated X3[Elevated X3] 

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    Magical Girl Creator Activation Code With Keygen Download [Mac/Win]

    Haruko Ichijo is a just-turned high-school student. She has been bitten by the manga fan bug, although by the time she is bitten, she’s been reading for a few years and can handle being recognized by fans. The heroines she watches are often considered the epitome of coolness, making her want to be one. Determined to be a magical girl one day, she resolves to follow her dream to become a magical girl. Unfortunately, because she can’t summon monsters, she must use her wits and her skill with the cell phone to try and defeat evil.

    A Bitter Discontent is a story about original characters, so there will be no imitations or prequels to any anime or manga franchises.

    Youtube Download

    Donation Links:

    Become a Patron! Donate to get better dialogue, and more!

    You can donate with any major credit card on the Patreon page! This is what we need to continue working!

    Thank you for your help.

    Patreon account

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    Haruko Ichijo is a 20 year old high school student, looking to continue with her magical girl studies. She has been bitten by the manga bug, reading alone since the second grade. Throughout her high school years, she has been listening to storybooks and listening to her favorite heroines ( Sailor Moon, K-On!, and Magic Knight Rayearth). By the time she’s in middle school, she has read many manga. While she never gave up on her dream of being a magical girl, it has been more of a hobby, in her view. However, as the girl who is always looking for her next fan club, the time is finally here.

    This magical girl creator protagonist, Haruko Ichijo, is determined to be a magical girl when she is in high school. However, she can’t use any magic in that capacity. Instead, she studies the concepts of magical girls, and the heroes and heroines she reads about. By practicing for a year, she hopes to be ready for that day when she is finally awakened by an evil force and starts her eternal quest as a magical girl. As she studies, she also picks up another hobby, playing games, including the mobile game Quiz Quiz. She’s a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to playing games, often noting


    Magical Girl Creator Free

    Crashday’s strongest feature lies in its highly customizable gameplay and your immediate ability to create your own routes and levels. However, it is also one of the game’s biggest weaknesses: it only supports 1:1 cars, leaving any other vehicles in the game untouched. Moonbyte is happy to collaborate with the Crashday community to enrich the game with new vehicles and content. We’re looking at you, Team Redline!

    Design and Development by Moonbyte Studios

    Programmed by Jan Bodenstein

    Music and Sound Design by Jan Bodenstein

    Unity and SD2D Engine: Original PS3 Version by Replay Studios

    Tuned to 3.5″ TFT screens for optimal gaming experience

    Minimum requirements: PC / MacOS X / Windows 7 / Vista (64 bit)

    This game is also available on Xbox 360


    Totally unpredictable in real-time, you never know what’s coming next! Get behind the wheel of a destructive off-road vehicle and score points while driving over a multi-colored terrain. Attract spectators with your outrageous stunts! Pass or be passed by your rivals in the race! And maybe, just maybe you’ll win a number of prizes. There are tons of ways to win in Crashday. You can win for beating your last highscore, in finishing a race with a perfect stunt, or by completing a number of hurdles in a row. The best scores are shown in the leaderboard. Once you’ve gained a spot in the leaderboard you can send your highscores directly to a world-wide leaderboard to show your scores off for all to see!


    Crashday offers a wide variety of ways to play, ranging from very easy to very hard. The harder the track, the more points you get. Every track contains a number of checkpoints you can use to increase the score multiplier for the next race. Remember to drive through checkpoints, you’ll get them for free! Checkpoints are a common feature of most extreme racing games, but Crashday is the only racing game that counts the number of checkpoints you pass as points towards your score. Also, every time you pass a checkpoint, the minimum speed for the next race increases. To make the game even more challenging you can unlock additional stuff that boosts your score even further!


    Every car is upgradable, including their looks, handling and speed. Every part of the car has


    What’s new:


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