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Roblox® is a social platform that gives people the power to play, create, learn, and share in immersive three-dimensional (3D) worlds.

Start creating immersive 3D worlds using an easy-to-use graphical programming system. Select a world theme, and drag, drop, and connect widgets to your world to create a dynamic immersive experience. Easily animate characters and props, and keep your players connected with friends and followers. Create games and play them in a social environment, or let players explore a world in first-person mode. All that, plus billions of players: experience games the way they’re meant to be played.

Learn more about Roblox’s unique programming language: Lua and its easy-to-understand visuals.

Watch in amazement as your creations come to life in front of you. 3D models can also come to life by simply pressing a button on your game controller. Connect the free Mobile SDK to your apps and games and attract players through your own Roblox powered apps, on your website or on your Android or iOS device. There’s no hosting required, and you can easily sync your apps between devices. With Roblox you can build richly featured applications, games and websites all without writing a single line of code. You can also add social gaming features to your website, create console apps, and connect to the Roblox Players API to further enhance and expand your apps and games.

In this game, you must work hard to achieve your goals and help Jack to escape from his prison. Use your mouse to control your character and watch him jump, slide, avoid traps and other hazards. Use wrenches to open the doors to the right and left.

This is a collection of all the items in the game, including the coins, keys and wrenches. Each item can be used in the game. Use them to beat the levels and unlock new characters.

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v2.3a – Release notes added

v2.2a – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.2b – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.1a – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.1b – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.1c – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.1d – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.0.5 – Xbox 360 Support Update

v2.0.4 – Xbox 360 Support


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Roblox is free to play. But if you want to spend real money – there are lots


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This app is designed to be installed on devices that already have Roblox installed on them. However, you can install this on your desktop for unlimited usage if you have a copy of Roblox already.

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