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In Spider-Man’s origins, he was a criminal. As a child Spider-Man swung around rooftops and skirted walls while battling his older, more experienced (but dim-witted) nemeses, The Chameleon, The Scorpion, The Sandman and others. As Spider-Man grew, so did his need for peace. He swore off crime and became a law-abiding hero, crusading for the social good of New York City.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you’ll be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter Parker has promised to quit being Spider-Man to marry his high school sweetheart Gwen. However, there’s something about Gwen’s fiery nature that he can’t resist – and that first swing as Spider-Man may have just changed his life.

In Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, you’ll re-live some of your favorite Spider-Man stories and action from across all six Spider-Man game series! Travel back to re-live the amazing Spider-Man adventures of the past!

Playing as Spider-Man is easy. Web-Sling and swing from building to building, wall-jump and swing down fire escapes and across the rooftops. This is not an action-heavy, cinematic Spider-Man game. It will feature Spidey’s trademark web-swinging abilities.

Online and Game Center Achievements:

We support online and game center achievements. You can find more details on our achievements page.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions will include a variety of achievements based on accomplishments in all six Spider-Man games!

Ultimate Spider-Man:

Story-based achievements:

Complete the story of Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man (2015)

Storyline unlocked: Complete the story of Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man (2015)

Re-unlocked Storyline: Re-unlock the story of Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man (2015)

Easy and Normal achievements:

Easy achievements:

Get 10 bonus points by swinging between buildings

Web Dash (Level 5): Web Dash, dash from one building to another

Web Dash (Level 10): Web Dash, dash from one building to another

Web Dash and wall-jump to reach a far away building

Wall-jump to reach a far away building

Normal achievements:


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  • The two seasons are playing in the world of Season World

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  • The only thing required to understand the plot of the game is,
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Deadsiege is a 2D top down hack n’ slash Action RPG game that follows the story of the Hero of the Kingdom William the Enchanter as he travels across the world with his trusted companion Gray, fighting powerful monsters, dangerous bosses and evading death at all costs.
Navigate through treacherous terrain in your massive warhammer equipped with an assortment of lethal swords, axes, lances and spears. Dodge attacks, manage your shield and health and walk through hordes of enemies to slay them with brutal precision.
Deadsiege is a free to play game, but don’t worry, it contains no adverts and is completely free to play, no mining, no hacking and no nonsense.
To run this game you will need at least 1550mb RAM, you can check that you have enough available with the Windows built in task manager.

Update: Playable Realms

We have launched a beta for warriors with some great additions that have come out of the communitys feedback.

There has been no change regarding the developers server, if you are already playing in this region just continue playing as normal.

If this happens to you and are already in the region on the developers server, please download this update.

Please also make sure you are signed up to Kngames, all support is handled through this system.

Note: If you are not signed up already, I have a direct link to sign up on this page.

Press the Download button below to download the update for warriors

A new section has been added to to this post that shows the percent complete of the teams next releases, the total time until the next release is shown in the first heading and the delay is shown in the second.
As you can see the teams next release is in 2-5 days and if the development is going smoothly in the beta phase, the games should be live in the average.

The tables show the percent complete and the time before the release date of that particular time line.

A new month has started, and a month usually has a lot of different things that need doing.
The most important of these is some sort of marketing of the game.
Let’s see what has been going on for each of our games.

Deadsiege — Developments and Plans

Deadsiege is currently in Beta, and we have made some great progress.



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Mocking and memchr

I’m currently trying to teach myself rust as I’m playing and learning in the intermediate level section of learnrust.org.

The goal is to find a trick that will mimic C’s memchr and memcmp functions. I’m currently at the point where I’m getting confused with the borrow checking. My initial guess was to use an associated array, but I’m starting to think it might be a good idea to have a pointer. What I’m trying to do is replicate this C function:

My initial solution to this problem looks like:

pub fn is_even(c: &i32) -> bool { unsafe { *(c as *const c_int) as u32 } % 2 == 0 }

I am confused by my error message. If anyone could explain what is going on here that would be greatly appreciated.

My thoughts is that since I’m using the address-of operator on a value of type i32 it should create a value of type &i32, but I don’t understand how the type *c_int differs from the type c_int.

Thanks for the help!

Also, I’ve been at this for a few days now and have gotten an error message in the back end in regards to my pub key. The error message reads:

I had to add support for that in the internal engine. I could not figure out how to add an instruction so I used the simple replacement. It’s obvious in hindsight that not using one of the other supported instructions was a mistake on my part.

Post by Jake Leuschner(@dynuctus) on May 10, 2017 19:41:02 GMT

For the most part, the core of the error is just that you’re trying to use an instruction that is not currently available. Here’s the error message you get:

ERROR: unknown instruction `%`!

I suspect the `%` is what’s causing the problem. The `%` is like a pseudo-instruction, meaning it tells the engine to move something from one register to another, and if it wasn’t there, the instruction was ignored. I suspect that it’s just a redundant instruction that’s not currently supported.

Thanks for the response. I’ve used the % instruction several times without issue in the past, but for some reason it seems to be giving me an error now. I’ll start


What’s new in Word Rescue:

s Melee

ZombieRuns Melee.

Main list screen

ZombieRuns Melee Summary Main list screen

Loading screen transition

Loading screen transition



The Final Day

The Final Day

Location from the Main Menu

Level 1

The Restless Dead

The Restless Dead

Level 2

Goodbye Haven

Goodbye Haven

Level 3

The White Light

The White Light

Level 4

End Credits and Beyond

End Credits and Beyond

Level 5

The Flooded Mansion

The Flooded Mansion

Easy Mode

Easy Mode

Normal mode

Normal mode

How to Play

Zombie Runs has you and your friends exploring a large plane of land to find hidden shrines.

Upon reaching a shrine, the players are shut into individual quarters; each has a shopping buddy, and optional crucifixes (a 0-100 scale of the player’s sin level, changing appearance and effect as the players sin level increases) in either hand.

Atop the player’s quarters is a powerful ZeRo-Doh to protect him/her from outside contact.

Atop the player’s quarters is a powerful ZeRo-Doh to protect him/her from outside contact.

Players must work together with their buddies, telling them to search for bottles, which are found in the quarry from the top of the screen to the bottom.

The player’s access to the quarry itself is available if the player has enough sin level.

Use the Vita-Mic to activate the quarry, and the player can pick up the bottles and return to the quarry.

Shrines can be found near quarries. If enough bottles are brought to the shrine via the quarry, the player will be removed from the group, and forced back into the regular game in their original locations.

When a bottle is present in the quarry, or when the shrine has been reached in general, an AH is lit.

When enough bottles are present, a main AH, as well as a secondary.

Bottles can not be brought into the AHs. Bottles are obtained from quarry itself.

All bottles are


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Miscreated is a player versus player survival game where players must help each other and fight each other at the same time. However, the true challenge comes in how you interact with the world around you and your fellow Survivors.
Explore a post apocalyptic landscape where an unexplained radiation pandemic has broken out and reduced the world’s population and now mutated some into savage creatures. Players must be vigilant, quickly make decisions, and plan their next move while they explore a unique outdoor world. Players can gather resources, craft tools, weapons and parts, scavenge the world, and fight off other players in epic combat sequences. Explore the world and survive.
Our Team:
Piotr Kułakowski, CEO
Piotr Miłosza, Producer
Paweł Zawislak, CTO
Jarosław Krysztofiak, Senior Artist
Bartosz Mucha, Lead Character Artist
Michał Bąkiewicz, Gameplay Engineer
Jan Kułakowski, Designer, Gameplay Modeler
Jakub Gaca, Gameplay Assitant
Danina Mucha, UI and Systems Designer
Katarzyna Kedzierska, Programmer
Marcin Bławicki, Sound Designer
Andrzej Łączkowski, QA
Other Contributors:
Mateusz Kołos, Lead Producer
Tomasz Mierzyn, Senior Producer
Adam Just, Senior QA
Roman Kobrin, Senior Producer

Miscreated is an online multiplayer hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. After The Final War, humanity was brought to its knees and the remaining survivors cling to the remains of this unforgiving world ravaged by a mutated plague which was Miscreated in the fallout. You must survive against horrific mutants, hostile animals, other desperate survivors and even the elements.
Explore the world of Miscreated — an extremely detailed and diverse landscape featuring picturesque forests, towering cities, deep hidden caves, bunkers and sewers. Discover over 15 types of drivable vehicles and repair them to travel faster on land or in water.
As you explore the amazing world of Miscreated you will need to obtain food and water. Due to The Final War a lot of the items you find will be dirty, irradiated, or possibly even poisoned, so always inspect items before you consume them. Hunting wildlife to harvest meat, or


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