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Mimpi Dreams is a unique interactive adventure game. Instead of playing on a screen, Mimpi Dreams is played in the form of a dream. You can move the characters around, touch and interact with objects, solve puzzles and influence Mimpi’s dreams.
Key features:
— Turn-based gameplay
— Unlockables
— Classic adventure gameplay
— Hundreds of unique graphical assets
— Hundreds of sound files
Mimpi Dreams is much more than just another adventure game.
Mimpi Dreams is a unique fantasy adventure game that combines a simple-to-learn turn-based system with beautifully hand drawn art, epic music and a story that takes you on a journey into the heart of a volcano.
Mimpi Dreams is developed by Frogster Game Studios and is published by Frogster Interactive. Mimpi Dreams is available on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.
Mimpi Dreams


Mimpi Dreams can be played in a turn-based manner, like a board game. The order of movement for your character is determined by the position of the plot icons and the phase of each chapter. Your actions are limited to moving in discrete steps.

Mimpi Dreams is also an action-adventure game. Your character can move in any direction and can use items to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.


There are 4 characters in Mimpi Dreams.


Mimpi is an adolescent mutt and the hero of the game. He has a wide range of skills and abilities.


Mimi is an anthropomorphic elephant and Mimpi’s mother. She is also a friend and ally of the player.


Mimiki is an anthropomorphic mouse and Mimpi’s friend. Mimiki can communicate with Mimpi in his dreams and give him hints.


Molly is an anthropomorphic sheep who is Mimpi’s father. He lives in the dream world with Mimpi and Mimi. He is also Mimpi’s best friend and ally.

Mimpi Dreams

Mimpi Dreams is a sequel to the original Mimpi Dreams released in 2000. Mimpi Dreams is a unique hybrid of 2D graphic adventure games with a turn-based perspective.



Mimpi Dreams — Mars DLC Features Key:

  • Game mode: Survival — A true survival story, the only rules are: you will never know what to expect
  • Complete freedom: Complete freedom of action and movement
  • Choose your own characters — Completely free
  • Choose your own weapons — Various handblows in training
  • Explore a constantly changing world — Explore a constantly changing planet
  • Get help from the environment — Find helpful items in the environment that will help you survive
  • Achievements
  • Innovative character creation
  • Online Campaign & Survival
  • Global online PvP
  • E-Sports: Play ranked matches in your favourite mode or play a competitive individual match
  • System Requirements


    Minimum Recommended OS:

    Windows 10

    Minimum Recommended CPU:

    Intel Core i5-4590, AMD Ryzen 3 2200G


    Intel Core i7-4790, AMD Ryzen 5 2600

    Minimum Recommended RAM:




    Minimum Number of Global Clients:




    Recommended GPU:

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

    Delivery details:

    Please ignore the delivery cost at the moment. If you’re an EU/NA resident, the game will


    Mimpi Dreams — Mars DLC Free Download [32|64bit]

    Mimpi Dreams — Mars is an exciting new chapter in the history of Mimpi Dreams. This episode offers a new collection of levels, new quests, new animators and much more, ultimately transforming the game into a brand new chapter.
    The sidekick’s role — In this new chapter, you can control the doggy sidekick of Mimpi. It is just like in the original game, but now you have the ability to touch the world around Mimpi. It is as if you are the real dog.
    Hints and help balloons! — There are no hints or help balloons to help you with the challenges. Take control of the doggy Mimpi and be the hero of your dreams.
    Last but not least — Thousands of graphical assets, hundreds of sounds and brand new story — These three words are the essence of the experience of Mimpi Dreams. There is no better way to describe what Mimpi Dreams — Mars means to us.


    Mimpi Dreams — Mars is a result of a brand new challenge. It is as if the game was just a drawing on paper, as if the artists were just simply asked: «what would it be like if Mimpi dreams really materialized?» The end result was this experience. Mimpi Dreams — Mars is truly unlike any other game.
    Mimpi Dreams — Mars is also a work of love. We wanted to show to the world how great the experiences of Mimpi Dreams can be. The effort to give you a Mimpi experiences was so huge that we just wanted to shout it from the mountains: «look how great Mimpi Dreams can be!» You can do it! Do it!
    We have one great goal in Mimpi Dreams — Mars, and that is the one, the thing we are proud of: to take Mimpi dreams to the next level. The greater love is to see Mimpi Dreams become a world-class, ground-breaking mobile game, so that everybody will know about it and experience it! We cannot say that it is the only quality, the greatest game, but it is certainly the quality that we want to see people experience: Mimpi Dreams on all devices.
    Of course, we do not want to continue only with the expectations and the wishes. It is clear that there is much more to reach to. There is so much more that will come with the next episodes. So we are counting on you to


    Mimpi Dreams — Mars DLC Free Download (2022)

    — If you find a Mimpi Dreams — Mars goal with a star, you can check them and make them appear in the main menu

    — You can click on your character to see their level, open all your inventory and talk to the companion

    — Sidekicks can now be carried in your backpack (You can also click on them to put them in your backpack)

    — The fidget ability from the previous DLC has been added

    — You can now press Ctrl+F (at any time in the game) to open the Mimpi Dreams dialogue

    — Mimpi can sleep up to 30 minutes without interrupting your game

    Mimpi Dreams — Mars Special EditionThe Mimpi Dreams — Mars Special Edition is a special edition that comes with all DLCs and a soundtrack.

    Mimpi Dreams — Mars Special Edition comes with:

    — 4 costumes for the companion (each having 4 variations of his/her skin color)

    — 2 extra special quests with Mimpi and the new companion

    — 2 new home locations

    — 4 animations of the companions

    — Several puzzles

    — 4 new animations for Mimpi

    — The soundtrack of Mimpi Dreams — Mars Special Edition

    — The sounds from Mimpi Dreams — Mars Special Edition

    — A perk card to unlock the other characters’ costumes

    — A new comic book, free of charge!About the AuthorJeffriesPiano, pencils, and clay. That’s what he loves to do. You can find him dreaming up new stories and keeping his poor brain from bursting.Jeffries is an art enthusiast and loves nature. He’s kind of lazy, though.Mimpi Dreams — Mars is a brand new experience, challenging, beautiful and challenging, filled with new stories, achievements, puzzles and ways to play that will get the player amped for the next entry!If you want to help us make more great DLC, visit our facebook page and twitter : or About MimpiMimpi is a lazy doggy who likes to sleep a lot. In his dreams, he becomes the dog hero, who rescues and saves whoever is in need of rescuing or saving! Be it a lost pirate ship, a lab rat who wants to be free or a princess held by a dragon — Mimpi


    What’s new in Mimpi Dreams — Mars DLC:

    (PSN) Game Info

    Mimpi Dreams – Mars

    So you had this vision of traveling to Mars and exploring the red planet when you were a kid. It is now time to live out that dream by riding in your Exo Suit and exploring the planet, exploring different areas. Take this suit off just like they did in 2010 except that this MIMPI Dream is more original than the 2010 release. I tried to recreate the experience of visiting Mars, not just stroll around there. Its time for us to uncover the secrets of the red planet. You get to battle wave after wave of enemies by just using your one move, you can use your shield to block attacks.


    4 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS x 12 different suits

    3 ENEMY CHARACTERS x 12 different bosses

    8 LOCATIONS to explore

    3 FIGHTERS x “FU”

    HUNDREDS of minutes of playtime

    A massive world to explore

    A rich story

    A beautiful world to explore

    A complex battle system

    A realistic atmosphere

    The latest tech will allow you to teleport in front of enemies and fight them from a distance

    Music will break you out of your ramen noodle

    Possible early release – pending

    This is just one of many information that might be released about the game. I will update this page frequently as the information comes out!


    4 Different playable characters that you will get to jump into. Each character has their own play style, stats, and weapon, props. Play this game and explore all of the different suits.

    12 different boss fights

    3 different enemies

    5 side quests to complete

    Each of these side quests will take you to a different area of space that will give you a chance to progress

    Prominent places to explore in the newly launched Mars

    With around 10 locations to explore, players won’t be standing in one location for long. Explore Mars and reach the other planets in this game!

    Fight enormous bosses through the use of a powerful assault rifle.

    A unique VR idea that will break you out of your comfort zone. We use your sense of seeing to make sure you destroy enemies at long distance by teleporting in front of them.

    When you find the enemy, they will get stuck in the floor and will enter the Rift as an augmented reality card. Since you are


    Download Mimpi Dreams — Mars DLC Crack + License Keygen X64 [2022]


    How To Crack:

    • Download Game Mimpi Dreams — Mars DLC
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    • Open with CMD
    • Run:
    • Set paths, Now just Press ‘Start’ to Play
    • Run GodSetup.bat
    • Play
    • Enjoy!!!



    System Requirements:

    Recommended System Requirements:
    Mac OS X 10.10 (macOS Sierra) and up
    Win 10, Win 8, Win 7
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon or similar
    512 MB RAM
    25 GB of free space
    DirectX 9
    A high resolution video card
    1 GB or more of free disk space
    DVD-ROM drive or USB Flash Drive
    Audio headset
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