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X-AmayaWX was developed as an accessible, handy, Open Source and portable version of Amaya.
X-AmayaWX was created as a reliable tool that can help you create and update documents directly on the web.
Browsing features are seamlessly integrated with the editing and remote access features in a uniform environment. This follows the original vision of the Web as a space for collaboration and not just a one-way publishing medium.
Amaya first started as an HTML and CSS style sheets editing software. Since that time it was extended to support XML and an increasing number of XML applications such as the XHTML family, MathML, and SVG. It allows all those vocabularies to be edited simultaneously in compound documents.







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X-AmayaWX is a 100% Open Source Web Content Management System designed with the initial goal of replacing Internet Explorer for Microsoft Windows. However, since the initial goal was not met, we decided to continue developing the system as the best possible open source HTML editor for the Web. X-AmayaWX has been designed from the ground up with the goal of bringing a truly open Web experience to you. Its a user friendly editing tool with a fantastic WYSIWYG interface and a large range of features. One of X-AmayaWX main features is the ability to modify any XML document using a very intuitive GUI. X-AmayaWX can edit almost all popular Web content vocabularies such as: HTML, XHTML, XML, MathML, RSS, OPML, CSV, RTF, TXT, images, fonts, videos, JS and more. X-AmayaWX is currently the best and most reliable HTML editor on the Web. X-AmayaWX is 100% web-based and has been tested to work in all major browsers.
Key Features
— 100% web-based
— Supports almost all popular Web content vocabularies
— Handles almost all popular browsers. It can be used in every browser, even Internet Explorer.
— Provides a WYSIWYG editing interface
— An intuitive GUI interface
— Built in FTP
— Very powerful XML editor
— Support for the XHTML family of languages
— Supports MathML and Math Assistant
— Supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
— Support for all XML processors such as WinXML and XSBL.
— Support for HTML, XML and CSS.
— Support for Fonts
— Support for Images
— Support for Drag & Drop
— Support for Form elements
— Support for Dynamic Form Elements (like Radio, Checkbox, etc.)
— Support for Client side form validation
— Support for client side form validation.
— Support for server side form validation
— Support for server side form validation.
— Auto-formatting
— Paste from the clipboard
— Unicode support
— And more…

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The X-AmayaWX software program is the copyrighted product of Take Control. Any

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USERMESSAGE: Amaya is a fully-fledged word processor. It has all the features you might expect from a typical office productivity tool, but goes beyond that with an array of additional and advanced features. For example:
— Amaya works with any type of text or file: no special format is required.
— Amaya has many advanced features, such as dictionaries, auto-correct, synonyms, templates, spell check, grammar check, multilingual dictionary, and the ability to import and export files.
— There is more than one way to use Amaya. For example, you can view and edit documents locally, connect to remote servers, manage XML files, and even browse web pages.
— Amaya is not just a WYSIWYG editor; it is a fully-fledged word processor. It has all the features you might expect from a typical office productivity tool, but goes beyond that with an array of advanced features.
— Amaya is useful in a networked environment. It provides access to all of your local documents via the network and it can remotely

X-AmayaWX Activation Code

X-AmayaWX comes in two versions. X-AmayaWX Standalone, which is the free version with a limited set of capabilities, and X-AmayaWX as a web server application.
The standalone version of X-AmayaWX supports the following features:
Compound documents editing with content creation, editing and viewing in a single unified environment;
Marking content and editable areas, allowing content to be added or removed in real-time;
Anchor links pointing to the target page on the Internet;
Off-line editing and access to content through an XML/RDF W3C format;
JavaScript edit of content using the HTML script tag;
Formulae editing and support for the MathML and MathScript vocabularies.
The web server version of X-AmayaWX has been developed using the PHP and HTML technologies and provides the following features:
Remote access to content on the Internet through the use of Ajax technology and web caching;
Access to online collaborative content through the use of document sharing technology;
Support for a number of web browsers, including:
Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher versions;
Firefox 2.0 and higher versions;
Google Chrome 1.0 and higher versions;
Safari 2.0 and higher versions.
Support for the following programming languages and technologies:
PHP 5.3 and higher versions;
MySQL 5.0 and higher versions;
JavaScript with its plugins;
Ajax and/or AJAX;
JQuery JavaScript Framework;
Flex 3.0.
At least an Intel Pentium CPU or AMD Athlon 64 processor with 16 GB RAM or a greater amount.
Free Download:
X-AmayaWX can be downloaded from our Web site.
X-AmayaWX Standalone can be downloaded from Amaya’s Site.
X-AmayaWX web server can be downloaded from our Web site.
Please note that the X-AmayaWX standalone version contains additional files that need to be extracted before they can be used on a standalone platform. These files are included in the web server version of the software.
Supported Browsers:
Amaya is fully compatible with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher versions;
Firefox 2.0 and higher versions;
Google Chrome 1.0 and higher versions;
Safari 2.0 and higher versions

What’s New In X-AmayaWX?

X-AmayaWX is a cross platform and multi-purpose editing software and HTML editor for students and professionals. X-AmayaWX is a development tool designed for teaching and learning. X-AmayaWX is an extensible tool. X-AmayaWX can also be used as a text editor. It is possible to add functionality to the existing editor or to write a new editor with new features.

Most web documents are formatted using HTML. X-AmayaWX allows users to edit and write HTML documents directly on the web.X-AmayaWX can also be used as a code editor for those who don’t know how to write HTML files.

X-AmayaWX is a powerful HTML/XML editor that can handle all XHTML and XML markup languages.

In addition, X-AmayaWX supports MathML. This tool allows students to type MathML equations. This enables students and professionals who are learning MathML to work with XML and HTML markup languages.

X-AmayaWX makes it easy to add animations and sounds, both simple and complex, in any project.


X-AmayaWX, once installed, can be accessed from a browser in any operating system, Windows, Linux or Mac. X-AmayaWX runs on any platform.

For students and teachers, X-AmayaWX is a student-friendly alternative to the much more complex and expensive commercial web publishing systems that are often difficult to use, unreliable or expensive.

X-AmayaWX runs from the website and all users have a single user account. The editing software can be used from any computer or smartphone, so it is portable and accessible from anywhere.

X-AmayaWX is an open source tool. Anyone can contribute to the development of X-AmayaWX as a research or as a personal project.

X-AmayaWX is able to communicate directly with the original authoring tool AmayaWX and to add a new feature to the editor.

X-AmayaWX has no license.

X-AmayaWX is free for non-commercial use.

X-AmayaWX can be freely distributed.

X-AmayaWX is a multi-platform editing tool, it is available for:





X-AmayaWX allows users to access the AmayaWX website directly from the editor.

View the AmayaWX website

X-AmayaWX runs on any platform.

View a list of the available platforms

X-AmayaWX has a familiar and comfortable user interface.

This example shows the main toolbar. The icons

System Requirements For X-AmayaWX:

On Windows, you will need to be using 64-bit version of Windows (if you’re not, it will show the warning below).
Do not install this game on a separate partition.
If you’re using another operating system, please refer to the other parts of the instructions
To play this game on the Nintendo Switch, it must be installed to a USB 3.0 drive. You can not use the memory card on your Switch.
Memory Stick
USB 3.0 Drive



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